be careful what you wish for

It's at the beginning of the Mookie, and I'm getting some good starting cards. I raise 3x or 4x BB and everyone folds. Everytime.

On another hand, I have 88 in the SB. It's folded around to me and I just call into Surflexus's BB. Flop has an 8, so I check thinking that if he bets I'll checkraise. Nope, he just checks. Either the turn or the river is another 8 for DQB...I finally do a pot sized bet (60 whole chips) and he folds.

Everytime I have a hand, they fold.

So, me being the smartass that I am, type something in the table chat window about how it would be ok if they call me once in a while; fun even.

Sigh. So then they do.

I let half my stack go when I misplay 77 and at the turn finally wake up to the equation of the paint on the board + Surf's calling/betting = I'm beat.

I fold some, blind steal a little bit, and think to do some more stealing when I have AJ. I re-raise to all in on Schaubs 4x BB bet, it folds around to Schaubs who seems to take forever to hit the call button. Sighs yet again. My timing is less than impeccable as he has called me with AK. The board contains nothing for either of us, and I am out in 34th.

Schaubs, email me at badkatitude at gmail dot com and give me your address, and I'll mail out the bounty.

And Surflexus, sorry for the kick under the table, but you've been married long enough to know that when a woman asks you do something (ie. to call her at the poker table), she doesn't necessarily mean when it's to your advantage (ie. when you have better cards) *grin.

And another big hug and several beverages to Mookie for putting this on and live blogging week after week.

It's the Mookie Anniversary!!!

Yes folks, it's been a year since Mookie (the guy) put his home game online, and it didn't take long for the bloggers to take over. He's got a nice history of it on his site - I love the fact that he's live blogged everyone of these things so you can go back through the history of it. Having live blogged it last week for him, I can attest to how much effort it takes to keep this up.

Waffles was the first blogger to stumble across it, and immediately brought me, his favourite ATM, over to play. I believe his words were something to effect of "even you could do well in this Kat".

I have always had fun at the Mookie (the game), and I think I've gone out in just about every place - from first out (a few times) to first place (something I've only d0ne twice, and back-to-back at that).

And in honour of The Mookie's Anniversary, I'm putting a bounty on my head. It'll be a surprise (I love sending and receiving surprises), but trust me, it will be a good surprise!

See you there! Oh, and

Mookie, you rock!


It's less than two weeks away from Eh-Vegas, folks. Come on up, frolic in the Great White North.

Confirmed so far is Jules, Graham, me, Iakaris, Guin, Astin, VinNay, PlatKat and Gus. Tentatives are Joanne, Hacker159, FishyMcDonk and CracknAces. There are also some local friends coming to help sweeten the pot *grin.

The tournament is set for Saturday night, and the club runs a 1/2 and a 5/5 NLHE game so there will something to do for those that bust out early. Thinking about running it as a one-time rebuy, maybe 50+20? Thoughts?

There are still some guest suites available at my building, so if you need a place to crash, please let me know before this weekend.

More details are here.

so it's like that is it?

The Poquer Gods hath heard my plea in my last post, and sendeth their Mercury, their messenger with a missive from on high:

More Ass Grabbing.

I smiled when I read this direction in the Comments section, for I have found their Messenger to be a clever trickster, and much admire his sly wit and amusing delivery.

But I ignored this small instruction.

And as a result, the Poquer Gods have turned from me even more and now bestow their favours upon others. In an effort to ingratiate myself once more into their good graces, I humbly offer for their amusement....

More Ass Grabbing (some borderline NSFW)

So dear Poquer Gods and Messengers, I doth hope that this pleases you.

Can I stop bubbling now? Pretty please?

I get* Waffles now

*To get, from
19. Informal: to understand; comprehend
In 8 of the last 11 MTT's and SnG's I've played, I have busted out when, after going all in with the best hand, some silly git calls me then rivers his fricking winning hand.

OK, now I can understand it when you have a nut flush draw, like Mean Gene in tonight's Mookie. But, as one gentleman did, to call an all in when you only have MIDDLE PAIR?? Yes, he called my flopped A-high straight with Q7 off... and watched his pair of Queens turn into quads.



So to my dearest pantheon of poker gods and goddesses... I know you're busy and all, but could you send me a sign, something, anything that might indicate what the hell I did to irritate you so much?

Because I'd like to never do it again.

it's time to pimp that tourney!

Stuck for something to do in the evening? Are you (like me) a hermit who still wants to socialize with people?

Then sign on up for some online poker tourneys... they're filled with blogger-y silly goodness!


It's the Mookie (details on the sidebar) on Full Tilt. Somehow I found myself volunteering with Joanne to live blog it tonight. Joanne has been offline with intertube issues, and I dearly hope she re-connects as my multi-tasking / multi-tabling / observation skills are sketchy on a good day.


It's CC's Thursday Bash on PokerStars. He's lowered the buy-in to $10+1 (yay!), and has a draw for a free entry so click through to his site.
Time: 9:30 EST
Password: pokerworks

Plus there's the second Riverchasers Tourney, brought to us by the Reverend Al:
Time: 9 pm ET
Buyin: $10+1
password: riverchasers


To celebrate the Year of the Hammer, Mookie and AlCan'tHang have created two Hammer Day tourneys; the first is on February 7th:

And there's another Bad Beat on Cancer tournament coming up on Full Tilt. Please, steal this banner, post it, blog about it, spread the word.

federation of the obsessive cumpulsive and slightly evil gamblers*

* the above title brought to you courtesy of the Generator Blog and the Secret Society Generator. No I did not make it up. And yes, this was the first one that that was generated.

There are several immutable laws of the universe - we all know this to be true. Things happen, and it is useless to rail against them because, well, they are laws.

I ran into the mother of all universal laws today. The one that states:
On the day when you look your worst (lank hair, no makeup, old comfortable clothes, the once-a-month pimple prominently displayed on your chin), and just run out to do a few errands, you will run into:
a) your ex-husband with his current skank, errr, squeeze, both of whom shall look good,
b) the cute person you were flirting with in the past and now looks even cuter than before, or
c) all of the above.


It's been a crazy busy week. So busy that I hadn't even gotten around to mentioning this:

Yes, after many tries, I have once more placed ITM in the Mookie. How did it feel, you ask?

Really, really good.


Other than that, have not played very much this week. Due to things like parent-teacher interviews, volleyball ( I volunteered to coach the senior team - stop laughing, dammit!), teaching night classes, and other fun stuff, I've had to put my CC Partnership play on temporary hold.

After the first gung-ho days, I'm taking a more relaxed approach to it. This is after all a three month deal, and as well as CC's money, I also have my own bankroll on other sites to maintain/grow.

With that in mind, I'm asking myself a few questions before I click on the poker icon on my desktop.
  1. What do I feel like? Happy? Chatty? Focussed?
  2. Why do I want to play? To win money? To be social? To avoid other things I should be doing? Because I'm bored?
  3. What is a reasonable amount of time I can devote to this before I start making bad decisions due to fatigue or boredom?
  4. How likely am I to go apeshit tilt when a bonehead move is made by either myself or another, and causes me to leave a tournament earlier than otherwise planned? Because let's face it, the closer to the edge you are when you play, the stronger the likelihood is that Poker Gods will send you screaming over the edge.
Questions 1, 2 and 3 determine what kind of game I'll be playing and for how much. Question 4 will determine whether or not I'm even going to play. Hunny Bunny is tired of looking for some cheap breakable item or another, and finding it broken.


Neteller. I'm not going to add much to this, except for a few observations/comments...

As a Canadian, this doesn't affect my ability to play online. But it does affect my enjoyment of the game to a very real extent if I'm no longer able to play with my IFFs (Imaginary Internet Friends). I've never made any secret of the fact that I am drawn to poker and love to play the game, and cherish the social aspect of the game more than the cash to be made - although that's nice too!

So to my IFF's, please let me know if I can assist you in finding a workaround. And to the bozo in the Mookie who said "I'll never trust a chick with my money much less a Canadian one", STFU. The offer was not extended to you. Nor will it ever be. Fucktard.

There have been a few who have flagged this as the "death of online poker". I seriously doubt it. Yes, the vast numbers of American fish may leave this pond, but there are equally fishy players in Europe, the UK, Canada and Australia. And let's not forget the emerging Chinese market that business people everywhere keep salivating over.

My biology teacher in high school said the theory of evolution could be boiled down into three words: Change or Die. He went on to say that the only constant in life is change, and that life was in a continual state of flux.

So, until change tells me to get the flux off the internet, you'll find me at the virtual tables. Hope to see you there, because as I mentioned to Cracknaces earlier, it's less painful to lose money to IFF's, and much sweeter to win money from them *grin.

Mansion 100k

I've been reading of Mansion Poker's One Hundred Thousand Dollar Guaranteed Tournament (seems much more impressive when written out in full, don't you think?), so I signed up yesterday and played around a bit, getting used to the interface.

Today I won a satellite for a seat at the 100k (see? not as impressive), so in mere moments I'll be trying to donk my way to some cash. And because I am a glutton for public ridicule (and because the interface on mansion is so damn slow), I'm going to live blog it.


9:59 - Seated and who's at my table but Cracknaces.
Katitude: heya Cracknaces
CRACKNACES: geesh, you even play this now :)
Katitude: *grins....if you blog it, they will come
10:00 - Off to a rousing start - pocket fours. The flop does not favour them, so away they go.

10:12 - note to self: PAY ATTENTION TO POSITION. Idiot. 400-ish gone.

10:15 - Cracknaces is out.

10:20 - Goddammit! even over my cabled desktop I'm getting dropped from this site! (Deep breath, do not go into technology tilt)

10:25 - I do not share well. I think I failed it in kindergarten. Split pots irritate me. Board is J88JA, Dimay and I both bet like wild, and yes, both have J's in our hand. But since I'm trying for more of a glass-half-full philosophy in 2007, it's better than losing the chips.

10:40 - proving once more the Lord looks after fools and drunks as my dad would say. JK clubs, bet then call a raise. The HU flops is 6d, Js, 5d. I check-raise and am all in, thinking even as I'm doing it that this is probably a game-limiting move, he's too aggressive for a flush draw, must have high PP. Sure enough, he flips over QQ, but even as as I'm muttering "oh, shit", a J hits on the turn. WHEEEEEEEEEEEE, I'm now 88 / 458.

11:00 - first break. Smokkee's out, but TripJax is still in.

11:15 - have slipped a bit, and am now at 3195. I'm below the average of 4000+, but my M is still good at 14. While I'm not stressing, I'm certainly looking for an opportunity.That is if these push monkey freaks will let me take advantage of said opportunity.

11:22 - I see TripJax has doubled up - yay! I wish I had better abilities to multitask and watch his table, but frankly, I have enough troubles just focussing on mine right about now.

11:30 - out in 289th. The same cards that made my two pair also made somebody else's straight. Sigh.

But I did identify a hole or two - overthought some things and played a bit too passively once the blinds went up after the break (sound familiar?). Also, I let things distract me at critical moments, instead of just saying LATER dammit. Trust me, I'll say that next time.

Now isn't this a purty sight


Thant's right. Not just DQB, but DQAB (Dems Quad ACES Beeyatchs)!

Something new

Me dad always told me that one should always be growing, should look for new experiences and try something new, even if you secretly think it's a bit flakey.

Ok, ok, that last bit was mine, but you get his drift.

With that in mind, I am going to my first ever yoga class tomorrow (Friday) after work. Hopefully after that I will be calm and relaxed. Calm enough that I no longer feel the desire to rip the fins off of fish or ears off donkeys.

Because I am running out of cheap and breakable items, and am really just a few more fugly bad beats away from being in the news.

Edit: Relaxing, my ass. I can't get into half the poses without either adding a new joint or going for liposuction, the rubber compound smell coming off the yoga mat gave me a headache, and my hands kept slipping. Oh, and I forgot to bring a sports bra so the underwire on my lacy sexy bra nearly maimed me for life. Screw this, I'm going back to alcohol.


Other than the Mookie tonight, I think I'll take a break from poker for a few days.

You know how playing drunk is a bad idea? Well trust me when I say that playing while riding the hormone rollercoaster is equally bad.

Verrrryyy bad indeed.

Now get me some chocolate, a martini, and a trashy novel.

so, Who's in? aka it's Eh-Vegas time!

Ok, here are the details for Eh-Vegas.


Friday, February 9 to Sunday, February 11

Agenda-like entity:

Friday - I'm working so if you get in early, you're on your own for a bit. I thought we'd head down to the Distillery District for dinner/drinks/more drinks. The Distiller District is also home to a most amazing chocolatier as well as a killer coffee house.

Saturday - The tournament isn't until the evening, so we can meet up for brunch, tour the city, whatever. The tournament is at the club that Guin, Astin and I frequent, and we can hang out there and get some cash games set up afterward.

Sunday - Head to Niagara Falls, where we can go for brunch, tour the Falls, go up the Skylon Tower, play poker or all of the above. It's also a huge wine area, with a lot of tours, etc. Some are electing to stay overnight at the Falls, so more silliness and mayhem may ensue.

Of course none of these are written in stone. If most people would prefer an afternoon game, we can do that instead. Just let me know well enough in advance.


There a lot of options for transportation, shuttles from the airport, taxis, and Toronto's bus service, the TTC. Oh, and me *grin. If you're planning on heading to the Falls, a car rental may be a better plan, but depending on how many are interested I could rent a van or limo.


I've checked with my building and there are four one-bedroom guest suites available for the Fri/Sat night. These come fully equipped and are very nice. Nicer than my apartment actually. And at $75/night are probably the best deal in Toronto, and are 15 mins away from downtown by car, 30 by transit. However these are not payable by credit card and I need to get a $200 cash security deposit to them a week before. One is booked for Jules and Graham; if you want to book one please let me know asap and we'll work out the details.

There are all kinds of other options; the closest hotel to me is the Crowne Plaza, and many other hotels are available through Expedia and Travelocity - just let me know before you book. As with many other large cities, hotels that look to be good deals are either too far out of the city or in crappy neighbourhoods. There are also a large number of bed and breakfasts available.

Other bits:

All prices I've mentioned are in Canadian dollars. Right now the exchange rate is such that $1 US = $1.11 Canadian. Yes, our money is funny colours. No, we don't have a $1 or $2 bill anymore - they're now coins (called a loonie for a $1 and toonie for a $2) so prepare for your pockets to be weighed down.

The liquor laws are such in Ontario that casinos don't serve you free drinks; Pai Gow loses some of it's lustre then, alas. All beer and liquor stores are run by the provincial government, which means great selection but you can't buy booze just anywhere. Or late at night.

We're on the metric system here. Many Americans get giddy at the thought of driving at 100/hour, until the nice police officer reminds them that it's kilometers not miles per hour (100 kmh = 60 mh).

So, who's coming?

Confirmed so far is Jules, Graham, Iakaris, PlatKat and Gus, Joanne, and Astin. I'm pretty sure Guin will be there for the game and festivites too. Smokkee and Love Elf have shown interest too. Plus there are other local players who may join for the game (the more the merrier, and the bigger the pot *grin).

Please let me know by comment or by email (badkatitude at gmail dot com) if you are either coming for sure or are a possible definite maybe.

Woohoo!! One month to go!

In the "yes I am this bored" category...

Also known as the "poker sucks and I must distract myself with something else" category...

Not sure what the point of this is, but my pixel is at 255 x 255. The colour is #00FFFF. Which translates into the RGB colour spectrum as 0 255 255.

God, I'm such a geek.

I am not kidding you, these are the first three that came up:

Katitude, like business, is better with multiple partners.
Hey, have you tried Katitude?
Katitude - enjoy when no one's around.

Random Douglas Adams Quote Generator

'Nuff said.

Monster Name Decoder

Kitten-Abducting, Townsfolk-Injuring Terror from the Underground Dreaded Earth


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