be careful what you wish for

It's at the beginning of the Mookie, and I'm getting some good starting cards. I raise 3x or 4x BB and everyone folds. Everytime.

On another hand, I have 88 in the SB. It's folded around to me and I just call into Surflexus's BB. Flop has an 8, so I check thinking that if he bets I'll checkraise. Nope, he just checks. Either the turn or the river is another 8 for DQB...I finally do a pot sized bet (60 whole chips) and he folds.

Everytime I have a hand, they fold.

So, me being the smartass that I am, type something in the table chat window about how it would be ok if they call me once in a while; fun even.

Sigh. So then they do.

I let half my stack go when I misplay 77 and at the turn finally wake up to the equation of the paint on the board + Surf's calling/betting = I'm beat.

I fold some, blind steal a little bit, and think to do some more stealing when I have AJ. I re-raise to all in on Schaubs 4x BB bet, it folds around to Schaubs who seems to take forever to hit the call button. Sighs yet again. My timing is less than impeccable as he has called me with AK. The board contains nothing for either of us, and I am out in 34th.

Schaubs, email me at badkatitude at gmail dot com and give me your address, and I'll mail out the bounty.

And Surflexus, sorry for the kick under the table, but you've been married long enough to know that when a woman asks you do something (ie. to call her at the poker table), she doesn't necessarily mean when it's to your advantage (ie. when you have better cards) *grin.

And another big hug and several beverages to Mookie for putting this on and live blogging week after week.

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  1. # Blogger Schaubs

    Yo Kat... I'm still bountyless... was this just a ploy to get my hopes up and then crush them for taking you out?? ;)  

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