I get* Waffles now

*To get, from dictionary.com:
19. Informal: to understand; comprehend
In 8 of the last 11 MTT's and SnG's I've played, I have busted out when, after going all in with the best hand, some silly git calls me then rivers his fricking winning hand.

OK, now I can understand it when you have a nut flush draw, like Mean Gene in tonight's Mookie. But, as one gentleman did, to call an all in when you only have MIDDLE PAIR?? Yes, he called my flopped A-high straight with Q7 off... and watched his pair of Queens turn into quads.



So to my dearest pantheon of poker gods and goddesses... I know you're busy and all, but could you send me a sign, something, anything that might indicate what the hell I did to irritate you so much?

Because I'd like to never do it again.

6 Responses to “I get* Waffles now”

  1. # Blogger Falstaff

    Dear Kat,

    It was the butt-grabbing. Not nearly enough butt-groping has been mentioned on your blog in the past three weeks. This hath angered the poquer gods, as we grope vicariously through you mere mortals. We shalt return you to to your nominally winning ways once you veer back onto the path of righteousness and arse-grabbing.


    The Poquer Gods.  

  2. # Blogger SirFWALGMan

    Kitty, I am told by my betters that it means *we* are becoming better poker players.. We can expect to get our money in as bigger and bigger favorites and every loss will be soul crushing. It is the way of the poker player.. at least the good ones.. keep up the good work. Your friend. Waffles.  

  3. # Blogger BrainMc

    Nice job on live blogging the Mookie last night. I don't know how anybody can possible do it and play at the same time.  

  4. # Blogger mookie99

    Great job with the live blog last night. Thanks !  

  5. # Blogger CarmenSinCity

    Poker Gods SUCK sometimes.  

  6. # Blogger Haley (a.k.a. "Cawt")

    Kat, could you get in touch with me?


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