Something new

Me dad always told me that one should always be growing, should look for new experiences and try something new, even if you secretly think it's a bit flakey.

Ok, ok, that last bit was mine, but you get his drift.

With that in mind, I am going to my first ever yoga class tomorrow (Friday) after work. Hopefully after that I will be calm and relaxed. Calm enough that I no longer feel the desire to rip the fins off of fish or ears off donkeys.

Because I am running out of cheap and breakable items, and am really just a few more fugly bad beats away from being in the news.

Edit: Relaxing, my ass. I can't get into half the poses without either adding a new joint or going for liposuction, the rubber compound smell coming off the yoga mat gave me a headache, and my hands kept slipping. Oh, and I forgot to bring a sports bra so the underwire on my lacy sexy bra nearly maimed me for life. Screw this, I'm going back to alcohol.

5 Responses to “Something new”

  1. # Blogger Raveen

    hangin there it turns around, it always does  

  2. # Blogger Astin

    I'd take a few days off, let the tilt fade. Also, if you're not there for the bad luck to find, it will move on to someone else, right?

    Or, play low-limits for a few days if you need a poker fix. $1 SnG's, 0.10/0.20 Cash, etc.. and play like pure donkey. It will give you a cheap break from actually caring about it.  

  3. # Blogger Jules

    Yoga is very relaxing..I suspect you will like it. The alternate is a heavy punching bag - wonderful stress reliever. I just can't picture where it would fit in your place.


  4. # Blogger Iakaris aka I.A.K.

    Maybe the funniest thing I've read in a week - perhaps because I also just decided to take yoga and found my corpulence poorly equipped for it.

    Punching bag it is.  

  5. # Blogger Guin

    Oh my god that has got to be the best thing I have read in a long time... I almost shat myself laughing out loud... luckily I am working alone right now! Bad part is that it is Sunday and I am sick and tired of reading about CROX.  

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