so, Who's in? aka it's Eh-Vegas time!

Ok, here are the details for Eh-Vegas.


Friday, February 9 to Sunday, February 11

Agenda-like entity:

Friday - I'm working so if you get in early, you're on your own for a bit. I thought we'd head down to the Distillery District for dinner/drinks/more drinks. The Distiller District is also home to a most amazing chocolatier as well as a killer coffee house.

Saturday - The tournament isn't until the evening, so we can meet up for brunch, tour the city, whatever. The tournament is at the club that Guin, Astin and I frequent, and we can hang out there and get some cash games set up afterward.

Sunday - Head to Niagara Falls, where we can go for brunch, tour the Falls, go up the Skylon Tower, play poker or all of the above. It's also a huge wine area, with a lot of tours, etc. Some are electing to stay overnight at the Falls, so more silliness and mayhem may ensue.

Of course none of these are written in stone. If most people would prefer an afternoon game, we can do that instead. Just let me know well enough in advance.


There a lot of options for transportation, shuttles from the airport, taxis, and Toronto's bus service, the TTC. Oh, and me *grin. If you're planning on heading to the Falls, a car rental may be a better plan, but depending on how many are interested I could rent a van or limo.


I've checked with my building and there are four one-bedroom guest suites available for the Fri/Sat night. These come fully equipped and are very nice. Nicer than my apartment actually. And at $75/night are probably the best deal in Toronto, and are 15 mins away from downtown by car, 30 by transit. However these are not payable by credit card and I need to get a $200 cash security deposit to them a week before. One is booked for Jules and Graham; if you want to book one please let me know asap and we'll work out the details.

There are all kinds of other options; the closest hotel to me is the Crowne Plaza, and many other hotels are available through Expedia and Travelocity - just let me know before you book. As with many other large cities, hotels that look to be good deals are either too far out of the city or in crappy neighbourhoods. There are also a large number of bed and breakfasts available.

Other bits:

All prices I've mentioned are in Canadian dollars. Right now the exchange rate is such that $1 US = $1.11 Canadian. Yes, our money is funny colours. No, we don't have a $1 or $2 bill anymore - they're now coins (called a loonie for a $1 and toonie for a $2) so prepare for your pockets to be weighed down.

The liquor laws are such in Ontario that casinos don't serve you free drinks; Pai Gow loses some of it's lustre then, alas. All beer and liquor stores are run by the provincial government, which means great selection but you can't buy booze just anywhere. Or late at night.

We're on the metric system here. Many Americans get giddy at the thought of driving at 100/hour, until the nice police officer reminds them that it's kilometers not miles per hour (100 kmh = 60 mh).

So, who's coming?

Confirmed so far is Jules, Graham, Iakaris, PlatKat and Gus, Joanne, and Astin. I'm pretty sure Guin will be there for the game and festivites too. Smokkee and Love Elf have shown interest too. Plus there are other local players who may join for the game (the more the merrier, and the bigger the pot *grin).

Please let me know by comment or by email (badkatitude at gmail dot com) if you are either coming for sure or are a possible definite maybe.

Woohoo!! One month to go!

9 Responses to “so, Who's in? aka it's Eh-Vegas time!”

  1. # Blogger Guin

    I am going to be there for sure. One way to meet the bloggers ... bring them to town!

    We could get the guys at the club to set us up so it is a private tournament... they are into that and we could make sure that they are stocked on the SoCo and beer.  

  2. # Blogger katitude

    Guin - already arranged as a private one :-)

    I have 2 big coolers, and will be doing a beer/liquor run beforehand.  

  3. # Blogger SirFWALGMan

    What tourney? Details. I may be there if I get a job or something.  

  4. # Blogger Graham

    Kat, thanks for all of your efforts in putting this together - it looks fantastic. Can't wait!  

  5. # Blogger Astin

    Bank rate's actually around 1.15 right now, so US people are getting an even better deal. And the US dollar's been climbing pretty consistently since August.

    As for accomodations - right downtown there's a few decent, and not overly expensive options - Delta Chelsea, Marriot Courtyard, and the UofT residence hotels (although those probably are full of students right now). There's not a lot right on the subway that's cheap though. And unfortunately, my building doesn't have guest suites, so I can't offer much. Although I'm willing to have people over for some drinks before or after events (I'm right in the middle of downtown).

    As for the falls, I can drive if need be, since I don't drink and gamble anyway, but I'm a supporter of minimal vehicle usage.

    And anyone new to Toronto should probably hit a couple tourist attractions - ie.- the CN Tower. For those who actually live IN Ontario - 3 CN Tower passes for $30 (observation deck and glass floor, not the skypod I think).

    Unfortunately, Winterlicious ends the day before.

    Looking forward to it.  

  6. # Blogger Unknown

    Kats of the world, unite! Are all the rooms in your building booked up yet?  

  7. # Blogger Graham

    This comment has been removed by the author.  

  8. # Blogger Jules

    We're so excited - and I know how much work this is to THANK YOU!  

  9. # Blogger FishyMcDonk

    If I do come it would just be for the tourney Sat evening. Will let know now.  

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