Mansion 100k

I've been reading of Mansion Poker's One Hundred Thousand Dollar Guaranteed Tournament (seems much more impressive when written out in full, don't you think?), so I signed up yesterday and played around a bit, getting used to the interface.

Today I won a satellite for a seat at the 100k (see? not as impressive), so in mere moments I'll be trying to donk my way to some cash. And because I am a glutton for public ridicule (and because the interface on mansion is so damn slow), I'm going to live blog it.


9:59 - Seated and who's at my table but Cracknaces.
Katitude: heya Cracknaces
CRACKNACES: geesh, you even play this now :)
Katitude: *grins....if you blog it, they will come
10:00 - Off to a rousing start - pocket fours. The flop does not favour them, so away they go.

10:12 - note to self: PAY ATTENTION TO POSITION. Idiot. 400-ish gone.

10:15 - Cracknaces is out.

10:20 - Goddammit! even over my cabled desktop I'm getting dropped from this site! (Deep breath, do not go into technology tilt)

10:25 - I do not share well. I think I failed it in kindergarten. Split pots irritate me. Board is J88JA, Dimay and I both bet like wild, and yes, both have J's in our hand. But since I'm trying for more of a glass-half-full philosophy in 2007, it's better than losing the chips.

10:40 - proving once more the Lord looks after fools and drunks as my dad would say. JK clubs, bet then call a raise. The HU flops is 6d, Js, 5d. I check-raise and am all in, thinking even as I'm doing it that this is probably a game-limiting move, he's too aggressive for a flush draw, must have high PP. Sure enough, he flips over QQ, but even as as I'm muttering "oh, shit", a J hits on the turn. WHEEEEEEEEEEEE, I'm now 88 / 458.

11:00 - first break. Smokkee's out, but TripJax is still in.

11:15 - have slipped a bit, and am now at 3195. I'm below the average of 4000+, but my M is still good at 14. While I'm not stressing, I'm certainly looking for an opportunity.That is if these push monkey freaks will let me take advantage of said opportunity.

11:22 - I see TripJax has doubled up - yay! I wish I had better abilities to multitask and watch his table, but frankly, I have enough troubles just focussing on mine right about now.

11:30 - out in 289th. The same cards that made my two pair also made somebody else's straight. Sigh.

But I did identify a hole or two - overthought some things and played a bit too passively once the blinds went up after the break (sound familiar?). Also, I let things distract me at critical moments, instead of just saying LATER dammit. Trust me, I'll say that next time.

4 Responses to “Mansion 100k”

  1. # Blogger RoccoBoxer

    Been a while, hope you are doing well.

    Good post about the yoga - hillarious, will have my wife read it.

    Take care...  

  2. # Blogger Astin

    Welcome to Mansion :).

    I've played twice, 195th and 429th I think (the less said about the latter, the better). Maybe we'll run into each other at the tables.  

  3. # Blogger CarmenSinCity

    Congratulations on getting third last night in the mookie! You rock girl.  

  4. # Blogger mookie99

    Congrats on the nice run last night and 3rd place.

    Looking forward to the live blogging from you and Joanne next week.  

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