federation of the obsessive cumpulsive and slightly evil gamblers*

* the above title brought to you courtesy of the Generator Blog and the Secret Society Generator. No I did not make it up. And yes, this was the first one that that was generated.

There are several immutable laws of the universe - we all know this to be true. Things happen, and it is useless to rail against them because, well, they are laws.

I ran into the mother of all universal laws today. The one that states:
On the day when you look your worst (lank hair, no makeup, old comfortable clothes, the once-a-month pimple prominently displayed on your chin), and just run out to do a few errands, you will run into:
a) your ex-husband with his current skank, errr, squeeze, both of whom shall look good,
b) the cute person you were flirting with in the past and now looks even cuter than before, or
c) all of the above.


It's been a crazy busy week. So busy that I hadn't even gotten around to mentioning this:

Yes, after many tries, I have once more placed ITM in the Mookie. How did it feel, you ask?

Really, really good.


Other than that, have not played very much this week. Due to things like parent-teacher interviews, volleyball ( I volunteered to coach the senior team - stop laughing, dammit!), teaching night classes, and other fun stuff, I've had to put my CC Partnership play on temporary hold.

After the first gung-ho days, I'm taking a more relaxed approach to it. This is after all a three month deal, and as well as CC's money, I also have my own bankroll on other sites to maintain/grow.

With that in mind, I'm asking myself a few questions before I click on the poker icon on my desktop.
  1. What do I feel like? Happy? Chatty? Focussed?
  2. Why do I want to play? To win money? To be social? To avoid other things I should be doing? Because I'm bored?
  3. What is a reasonable amount of time I can devote to this before I start making bad decisions due to fatigue or boredom?
  4. How likely am I to go apeshit tilt when a bonehead move is made by either myself or another, and causes me to leave a tournament earlier than otherwise planned? Because let's face it, the closer to the edge you are when you play, the stronger the likelihood is that Poker Gods will send you screaming over the edge.
Questions 1, 2 and 3 determine what kind of game I'll be playing and for how much. Question 4 will determine whether or not I'm even going to play. Hunny Bunny is tired of looking for some cheap breakable item or another, and finding it broken.


Neteller. I'm not going to add much to this, except for a few observations/comments...

As a Canadian, this doesn't affect my ability to play online. But it does affect my enjoyment of the game to a very real extent if I'm no longer able to play with my IFFs (Imaginary Internet Friends). I've never made any secret of the fact that I am drawn to poker and love to play the game, and cherish the social aspect of the game more than the cash to be made - although that's nice too!

So to my IFF's, please let me know if I can assist you in finding a workaround. And to the bozo in the Mookie who said "I'll never trust a chick with my money much less a Canadian one", STFU. The offer was not extended to you. Nor will it ever be. Fucktard.

There have been a few who have flagged this as the "death of online poker". I seriously doubt it. Yes, the vast numbers of American fish may leave this pond, but there are equally fishy players in Europe, the UK, Canada and Australia. And let's not forget the emerging Chinese market that business people everywhere keep salivating over.

My biology teacher in high school said the theory of evolution could be boiled down into three words: Change or Die. He went on to say that the only constant in life is change, and that life was in a continual state of flux.

So, until change tells me to get the flux off the internet, you'll find me at the virtual tables. Hope to see you there, because as I mentioned to Cracknaces earlier, it's less painful to lose money to IFF's, and much sweeter to win money from them *grin.

4 Responses to “federation of the obsessive cumpulsive and slightly evil gamblers*”

  1. # Blogger SirFWALGMan

    Group of Generous but Angelic Monkeys.  

  2. # Blogger SirFWALGMan

    After 5 or 6 clicks..

    Association of Clinically Insane Angry Gamblers  

  3. # Blogger Irongirl01

    I agree Kat this is not the end of online poker. Sure the ready access to funds will be harder to negotiate. But Asia is a huge market. Lets not forget India. Our jobs are already there... Poker will be next.  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Hi Nice Blog . AtFree online bingo cash site is seen as socially acceptable even though it is technically gambling. From the point of view of many players it is not seen as gambling at all but rather as more of a social gathering online that just happens to have bingo as the catalyst for a common interest.  

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