WWdN Live Bloggin

Time to get some poker content back into this here blog, liberally mixed with music and alcohol.


Here we go. I'm ready. I think. Maybe.

Hacker scares me off my pocket 8's. Next hand is pocket J's but no one bites, alas.

The 80's retro station I'm listening to has tossed Opportunities by the Pet Shop Boys my way. Let's make lots of money indeed!

God, this beer is tasty. Sipping as I fold happily away.

oh dear... My QA off hits an A, but the turn creates a possible flush on the board. I go all in when Iggy checks to me...he thinks about it long enough that my palms start to sweat but finally folds. Phew.

I'm singing quite loud to Belouis Some's Imagination while I fold 82 off...."so seldom witnessed but never obscene". Thank God Hunny Bunny's not home.

Everybody Wang Chung tonight...a lovely set of J'S! Budo's KQ doesn't hold and he's out.

New tble, and pocket 8's again. Board has AAK..I fold.

Grace Jones covering Love is the Drug..whatever happened to her anyway? I fold and dance around a bit. Argh, why do disco songs go on so damn long? my cardio can't take it and I sit back down again.

Hammer! Everyone folds, wheeeeeeee.

I think I'll sit here and fold this crap while Hall and Oates mellows me out a tad too much. Suited connectors look playable until Smokkee goes all in. Folding resumes.

Biggus Slickus. 4X BB, G-Rob calls. Flop is shit, he goes all in. Back to folding. Sigh. The 80's retro has turned sucky with Genesis and Grapes of Wrath. Time for some chilling lounge beats.

Break and I'm currently 26 of 43. Time to mix up some martinis...they go far nicer with the music. Bananatini's are the flavour of the day: banana liquer, vanilla stoli and cream.

A few blind steals and I'm up to 22nd. I do get a good hand KQ hearts, but my position sucks and VTepes's all in makes them lose their luster right quick. Guin pops into the table chat to askif Astin or I want any live action on Wednesday. Shadowtwin IM's me with "I think Guin is hitting on you. And Astin". I LOL IRL.

The Boards of Canada do some pretty slick tunes. I think I'll have to pick up a cd next time I'm in HMV. My wireless has started to act wonky...peachy keen. On a poker note, I do believe I'm slightly card dead.

The best cards in a few orbits go unplayed...AQ s00ted in BB, but no takers.

Blinding away...down to 26 of 26. Joined in the Second Chance, so lets see how badly I can multi-table on bananatinis.

AA! Let's watch 'em get cracked shall we? NO? Wow! Of course that's only because aebooth folded.

My set of 9's falls to XKM1245's flopped str8 in the second chance...so much for that plan! Still experiencing le morte des cartes on the wwdn.

I flopped 2 pair and I think it's all that and a bag of chips until pennerii shows his str8. And I'm out in 23rd out of 75. Which is bettere than I've been doing lately, frankly. Time to focus on not sucking in the Second Chance.

Flop a set of 10,s and Phoebus calls me all in post flop. And wonder of all wonders, it holds.
Next hand is A9 s00ted and I have a temporary lapse in judgement and call phoebus' and penner's all ins. Board comes 95Q56, and my 9 holds against penners TA and my A outkick's phoebus's K9. And once more I love this game.

Pocket tens beats pocket nines and a hammer. They just do.

Is there any feeling quite like that when a marginal hand (K6) trips out on the flop and holds? I don't think so.

Once more I let the sight of 2 pair blind me to a possible straight, which Guin makes on the flop. He slow plays me beautifully, and I double him up as thanks. Because that's what polite Canadians do. I slip from 4th to 7th of the 13 left.

I'm currently 6th out of 11 left, and the bananatinis have kicked in quite nicely. Focussing on the game and not the chat is becoming problematic.

Nut flushes are so pretty. 'Nuff said.

Break. I'm down to 7 of 10, mostly because I was distracted by a friend's blog and donked off some chips. Time for a bio-break, get some water, change the music (the techno has gotten a bit dull) and get a snack. Mmmm..Girl Guide cookies!

Oh bother...wireless is acting up again jsut when I get AA. I win it when everyone folds but I hate not being able to follow the action.

Newinov's AA gets cracked by xkm's set of 8's, and we're at the final table.

7 of 8 right now. Am at half the average...sigh. And the observer chat has gotten distracting...how do you turn that off again??

Back to the retro 80's station and my fav song by Blondie, One Way or Another. Life is good.

11:27 and a half
FUCK!!!! Slick on the SB, decided to push. Definitely the wrong moment as SeedyV catches a 7 on the turn for a pair and I have....nothing. And I'm out.


And that in a nutshell is how I spend my Tuesdays.

2 Responses to “WWdN Live Bloggin”

  1. # Blogger CarmenSinCity

    Sounds fun! I was slaving away at work creating blisters on top of my blisters as I'm cocktailing in the bar. On a happy note - I made some money and I'm now I'm home ready for some much needed sleep.  

  2. # Blogger Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy

    kitty kat, good to play with you again, I guess I've been away from the action too much lately.

    *Bone....see, it just doesn't work.

    *clickety clankety bones...nope.


    see, nothing works like *purr  

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