I give up...aka no Boob Shot

Conversation from Monday Morning on my way into school:
Coworker: So Kat, did you have fun at your party?"
Me: "Big Fun! I let my inner bad girl come out and play for the night."
Coworker (laughing): "Um, Kat, you're standing there in black leather head to toe with your bike helmet in your hand. You sure the bad girl is all that internal?"
Indeed. She's no longer a girl though, just a rather squidgey middle-aged broad.

A few days have passed, I've caught up on my sleep and my liver is no longer doing flip-flops at the sight of a booze ad. The Bash is starting to take on an almost dreamlike quality.

Words fail to describe it. Superlatives fail. All I can say out of all the parties / bashes / bacchanalian events I have ever been to in my life (and there's been a number of them), last weekend definitely places somewhere in the top ten of the ones that I can remember.

From the moment that Veneno and I got to the Bash at noon to the moment I attempted sleep some 16+ hours later, every single experience was fun. Beyond fun.

So many bloggers, so many stories. And so many other bloggers can tell the stories better than I can ever hope to. I've thought about what to write for 2 days, and frankly I'm giving up. Too many moments to try and encapsulate. Go read about it here and here and here and here.

At one point on Friday, Gavin came up to the table where I was sitting and asked me if I had really driven down from the T-Dot just for this. When I said yes he wanted to know why - all I could do was gesture to the room filled with poker degenerates and pals, and say "Why? You've met these guys, haven't you? Wouldn't you travel to party with 'em?"

All I know is that I truly enjoyed myself; and even in the harsh light of the morning-after I could relive the moments and not feel like a drunken, middle-aged wierdo. Even though I'm pretty sure I was ;-)

The only thing I deeply regret is not acting on Maudie's suggestion that we go get tattoos before the Bash. How cool would that have been?!? And, it would have enabled Mr. Speaker Sir to win his prop bet on tattoos.

  • Al - sweet jeebus, you are incredible!
  • Eva - sweet jeebus, you are incredible!
  • BigMike - sorry I didn't get to meet you. Next time for sure!
  • Pauly - someday we'll have a convo when I'm sober enough to remember it. Perhaps.
  • Veneno - I'm glad I got to spend some time hanging with you. And I'm very glad you had fun. If anyone deserves it, it's you.
  • Brdweb - I looked through the intertubes and never did figure out what the fireworks were for.
  • PokerWolf - I know we talked about a lot of stuff - just wish I could remember what *grin. Thanks for listening to me babble.
  • Gracie - if I ever need a photographer for a soft porn shoot, I'm calling you *grin.
  • Pablo - sweet, sweet. 'Nuff said.
  • Falstaff - My god man, that voice. *shiver.
  • TripJax - I could not think of a better welcome to the Bash than your hug. Although I doubt you remember it *grin
  • Maudie - Tattoos next time. For sure. Even if you've already got one (they're kind of addictive).
  • Joe Speaker - I was strangely complimented that you thought I'd have more tats than I do. Odd, that.
  • Drizz - You are one funny dude.
  • Sox and SoxWife - Sox, a pleasure as always. SoxWife, it was great to meet you. Hopefully we can chat more sometime.
  • Jordan - Thanks so much for the help with Chinese Poker. If I closed my eyes it was like getting a private lesson from Kevin Bacon - squeeee!
  • Platkat and Gus - had a blast yacking with you! I'll keep you posted and hope to see you in February.
  • Everybody else (sorry jsut realized if I'm going to this person-by person it will take all day and I have a class coming in) - Wow. The most interesting, intriguing, tolerant, and funny characters that I've ever had the priviledge to hang out with.
Thank you all. A bientot, mes amis!

3 Responses to “I give up...aka no Boob Shot”

  1. # Blogger TripJax

    Oh I remember it...you pulled up right before I made my dive off the top of the shuttle van. I still can't get over the fact you drove the whole way. Now that is dedication to degeneracy.

    Great to finally meet you.  

  2. # Blogger CarmenSinCity

    Sounds like so much fun!!!!!!!!! I wish I could have been there. I'm glad you made it there and home safely! When are you coming back to vegas though????  

  3. # Blogger Veneno

    You definitely know how to encourage me to have fun! Thanks for the push to get me to play Gavin HU, I wouldn't have done it otherwise.

    And I appreciate your other suggestion too...*wink!

    I'll be your room mate anytime!  

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