1st, 2nd, and 125th anniversaries

Firstly, my comment on the internet gambling bill:

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Yesterday was this humble blog's first anniversary. I only started it so I could get in on the PokerStars freeroll. And here it is, a year later, with 250 blithering posts in 365 days. Good lord.

I've found that in the last year my other blogs (sans one) have languished and my focus has been aimed primarily here. Why? I'm an attention whore. And apparently, I need an audience to be creative.

Please, refrain (if you can) from the making the obvious comments.....

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The second anniversary of my first time playing poker is coming up. I decided to celebrate by going back up to the scene of the crime and hanging out for a few hours.

Rama has recently deviated from an all-Limit format and added some NL tables. I sat at the only 1/2 $200 max table running. I got myself organized, looked around the table and realized that 1) I'm the oldest there and 2) I'm the only woman. All the 20-somethings were oh-so-serious about the game, and all my efforts at conversation and flirting fell flat. Luckily, Steeve (aka Hawt Dealer) came on shift so things picked up a bit *grin.

I'd like to say it was profitable (-50), fun (not even close), but I'd definitely say I got my money's worth. I used it as an exercise in note-taking (one of the lamer 20-somethings tried to tell me I couldn't do that at the table...he ended up calling a floor director over who told him not to be such a whiner). It was also a good exercise in being patient through bad cards. And there were bad cards - for about a 2 hour stretch I had only 3 hands that were playable, and none of them even came close to hitting on the flop.

I took a break and walked outside where I said fuck the charges and hit the Loud speed dial number on the Razr. It was worth it just to catch her off guard *grin.

J. it just isn't the same without you. And the drive home isn't nearly as entertaining ;-)

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The rest of the weekend was a walk through my past. The small country public school that I attended to grade 8 celebrated it's 125th anniversary (the original one room schoolhouse is at left - there's been 2 wings put on it since).

I met up with Kathy and April, people that I have known since I was 5. We haven't gotten together for over 3 years, but it was like no time had passed - the remember-when's got a little silly.

Which made me realize that no matter what, these two women will always be my friends. We've grown into very different people: April got married at 17 and quit school after Grade 12 to raise her family and be a mom; Kathy still lives in the country not far from where we grew up, is still into sports and is quite happily childless; and me, well, you've all met and/or heard about me.

We know the factors that made each of us what we are and how we got to this point in time; we hold each other's pasts and there is nothing that really needs to be explained or justified. And I can't tell you how much comfort there is in that acceptance.

After that I met up with another old friend for dinner, drinks and a movie. I've known Jeany since my punk days, and we share a lot of experiences. I love seeing Jeany - she totally gets me railing against the middle-aged numbness brought on by work, kids, tv, and a lack of cool clothes for pear-shapes, because she's in the same damn place. We have long bitchy conversations over luxurious dinners and martinis where we bemoan political correctness in the workplace ("Why the fuck can't I just tell someone they're being a fucking idiot when they ARE a fucking idiot?"), teen fashions ("Wow. That style was butt ugly when we wore it 30 years ago") and annoying waitresses with perky boobs ("P.P.M.D." "The only consolation is that gravity will be unkind to her too eventually.").

I finished the weekend feeling pretty damn good. I've got some insights into my game and myself, and I feel calmed and refreshed by my friends.

What more can you ask?

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    Congrats on the anniversaries !  

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