and now for something completely different

For a small school, we've got some pretty damn nifty clubs going: Yoga, Improv Comedy, Anarchists Knitting Circle, Sketching, Social Justice, Environment, and about a dozen more. The teachers have always been encouraged to join (what better way to demonstrate a philosophy of lifetime learning?), and this year I finally got my act together and joined the Yoga and Writers Clubs.

Now I haven't yet been able to drag my sorry behind out of bed in time to make the 7:15 am (!) Yoga, but I did make the Senior Writers Club at lunch today. I was really looking forward to it....the blogging thing has got me hooked on wordplay as a creative outlet. It felt very odd to be sitting there on the other side of the desk, but in a good way that I can't really explain. There were about 8 students from grades 7 to 11, and Alana (who teaches the high school English classes) gave us some ideas and prompts.

I'm going to put myself out on a limb here and share my first effort. The prompt was to describe something I'd seen in nature, then a second prompt was to give that object a secret.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The rock was smooth and well worn. It was nothing special at first glance, but it was different enough from the light shale that covered the rest of the beach that you picked it up.

It was a perfect, smooth oval and was dark gray with faint lines running across it. At a certain angle the lines were slightly opalescent, with faint glimmers of pink, blue and turquoise. The sun had warmed it, and it fit perfectly in your cupped palm.

You tucked the rock into your pocket where it remained for the rest of the day, waiting. When you got home and took it out, it still felt as if the day’s warmth was inside it, captured. You held it close to your eyes and watched as the lines seemed to shimmer more intensely.

“Cool rock” you thought as you put it on your desk, to be slowly buried under papers and books and bills, to be forgotten.

It waited for you to find it again, for you to speak to it. The words would break the spell, and release it from its ugly gray camouflage. It would give you all you needed and more; its gratitude at being released would know no bounds.

But it lay unnoticed, and the cleaning lady eventually threw it out.

3 Responses to “and now for something completely different”

  1. # Blogger SirFWALGMan

    heh, I like it. I hate cleaning people.  

  2. # Blogger Jules

    Great effort - nice description and suitably dark :)  

  3. # Blogger mookie99

    I wish I woulda paid more attention in school when it came to writing.

    Loved the story.

    Thanks for making it out to the tourneys last night.  

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