The good, the bad, and the fugly

The good:

Having some major "life is good" moments. I took the weekend off (paying for the lack of lesson plans today, alas) and hung out with Hunny Bunny. We goofed off, took naps, and went on a road trip to Port Dover where we ate fresh perch and celery bread at the Erie Beach Hotel.

The bad:

Poker. Dammit, why am I compelled to make the same mistakes? One of the podcasts I was listening to last week is part of a series from In it, they talk about the myriad of people who stay in hands and/or bet improperly due to faulty memory - they remember the ONE time that the much-needed 6 hit on the river to win the hand, and fail to remember the MANY times that it doesn't.

And that's what's happening...I'm getting into situations where even as I click the all-in button, I know, I KNOW that my opponent has a better hand. So why do it? Could be the awfukkits, misplaced optimism, haste, weariness, distraction, hunger, drunkeness....the list goes on. It comes down to a lack of mental balance (thanks for the conversation Saturday, Sox!) which is hard to achieve...more so since I'm leaving for the Bash in only 3 days! Wheeee!!!!

The fugly:

Curriculum night last night. Which meant 7 straight hours of teaching (no lunch or break) then jump right into being happy/smiling representative of the school. I spent 3 hours talking, explaining, justifying (!!!!) what I do here. Gah. Although, this year was a good session....I had only one parent blather on about how I should teach on a mac (yeah sure, where's that money going to come from?!? And like I want to indoctrinate more people to the religious cultishness that apple fosters. Excellent marketing campaign though. Don't bother flaming won't change my mind. Computers are TOOLS no matter what flavour you own.) Oh, and I lost the over/under on how many snotty parents would hint/state that they pay my wage so I better listen to them. No one did. Amazing.

So finally got out of there and of course it started to rain, and fairly hard. Nothing puts the icing on the cake of a long day like sitting on a wet bike with wet leather. Blech.

Don't ask me why I signed up for the MATH; I'm glad I did, coz I needed the $22 worth of fun. I got about 40 minutes into it when HB offered to give me a footrub (*purrrrr!). This is one case where I knew, I KNEW Iak had an A in his hand to beak my K+crap, and I really didn't care. One all-in later I was out of the game and in a much better frame of mind *grin.

1 Responses to “The good, the bad, and the fugly”

  1. # Blogger Astin

    Just out of curiosity... do you teach graphic design? audio editing? multimedia? communications technology? any of that ilk? Because otherwise... I really don't see the point of teaching on a Mac.

    Sure, computers are tools, but the PC is the hammer to the Mac's hex wrench. Everyone has a hammer... only Ikea shoppers have hex wrenches. :)  

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