Take heart dear friends

The blogosphere has been a busy place the last few days. I was chatting with someone who indicated that I was ok, that new bill didn't impact me at all.


It's already impacted me. People I've grown to like a lot, people I look forward to chatting and playing with at the MATH, WWdN and Mookie every week are cashing out and closing up blog shop. Without these people across the table from me, how will I be challenged to play better? And more importantly, how am I going to get back all the dosh they've all won off me? *grin.

All joking aside, I don't get it, the early pull out. My mind is officially boggled. Of course I have no idea of the amounts of money involved with these player's accounts. And I completely understand that not everyone has the inclination to fight this particular fight (although I don't know why not).

But, well, the dust hasn't even settled yet. This seems like an unwieldy law to implement - I can't see financial institutions mildly aquiescing. And there are always workarounds - a plan of transfers and withdrawals with someone you trust is something that springs instantly to mind.

IMHO, every hand you play right now is like every drink that was consumed during Prohibition - a big ole' extended middle digit F-YOU to the ones who think they know better than you how you should live your life.

And I know that bloggers like to give that middle-digit salute...I've seen the pictures.

All I keep thinking of is what someone once told me - if you don't fight, even a little bit, then they really win. Be vigilant. Be defiant. Question. Things do not get better through inaction.

And no, I'm not just talking about poker anymore.

2 Responses to “Take heart dear friends”

  1. # Blogger slb159

    I'm going down with the ship. See you at the tables.
    Don't see much reason to pull out prematurely.
    Did I just say that?  

  2. # Blogger thret

    Do your own bit of saving, and if you drown, at least die knowing you were headed for shore. - Ray Bradbury  

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