Last night, I went to watch the show that Hunny Bunny is touring with. Now in the 10+ years that HB and I have been together, he's gotten me in to watch many shows. But I've never actually watched him work. Now I have little knowledge of the business other than what he's told me, but even I can tell he is good at what he does. There were sublime moments that raised goosebumps on my arms and sent shivers down my spine. I knew that while Colm is a talented performer and the room is a temple to rich sound, it takes someone with skill on the mixing board to bring that degree of warm texture to a piece.

Here's my notes from the evening:
He moves behind the console and puts on the slim black over-the-ear headset, the type (he tells me later) used on the set of Nikita because they look so sexy.

"What's going on?", he asks the crew, murmuring in that deep soft voice that makes me shiver. I'm jealous for a moment; I'd thought that voice was just for me. I want a headset, not to because I'm curious about what is said (although I am), but because I want to listen to that voice some more. I lean a bit closer trying to catch it, but it's too low. Even though he's only a foot away, he is drowned out by the comments of the woman behind me who is a noxious double whammy of shrill voice and inadequate feminine hygiene.

The lights dim, and the band begins to play. Men and women who just a half hour before were slouching around the green room and bitching like hungry teenagers that the catering was 20 minutes late are now consummate professionals. And so it is....our entertainment is their work, after all.
It was a great show, but not one I'd normally go see. Ever. I just wanted to spend a more time with HB before he headed west for next three weeks. I miss him again already.


I had planned on going to the club to play some live poker for a distraction and a change, but then found out Wednesday /Thursday is Faculty-Family conferences (aka Parent-Teacher Night).

GAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! Words cannot explain how much I dislike these evenings.

So I've decided to head for live play on Saturday. To BamBam and the TuckFard folks, let me know if any of you are up to joining me at Rama for the day, or part thereof. Otherwise I think I'll go south to fish the tourist-laden waters of Niagara Falls.

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  1. # Blogger Mr. Bankwell

    With the WPT on this week-end Falls view will be mobbed and fish filled with long wait times, at least you can call ahead.  

  2. # Blogger BamBam

    Oh Kat.... How we'd love to!

    Mr. B's right.... Fallsview should be a train-wreck.

    I have some scheduling issues Friday/Saturday right now. But it's still early. Give me 'till Thursday if you can. If not, thanks for the offer.  

  3. # Blogger Mr. Bankwell

    Well the 1/2 NL will be a total fish fest and it will be hard to win at that game with the max. $100 and the $5 1/2 hr seat charge.

    The 5/5 NL game should be good fishing with a max. $500 and a $6 1/2 hr seat charge.

    Rama's 1/2 max. is $200 and the game is rake.

    Althought the fishing should be better at Fallsview with the WPT.  

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