Live blogging the WBCOP

Wow. This is going to be crazy. Here's the math as I see it:

1331 bloggers + T10,000 = one loooong tourney.

On top of that I feel like a dogs breakfast, thanks to some virus-laden student or another. I'm prepared for a long haul - tea, OJ, crackers, and a (hopefully) good wireless connection in the bedroom. If I lag out for a while, you'll know I've gone to sleep.


3:00 - I'm seated at the table to left of jeciimd. He's the only one I know at the table.

3:24 - I've had nada, but it's amazing how having 10,ooo starting chips with blinds of 50/100 will loosen a girl up a bit. Of course, it could be the Dayquil.

3:33 - still folding. But the girlie chat is running and the entertainment value is high

3:57 - still folding. Stole some blinds with a hammer raise, but that's about it. yay.

4:05 - break, and i'm still in it thanks to my newfound ability to fold every fucking hand. Also in the Brit bloggerment (thanks Brain!)

4:14 - AA in the WBCOP - and they held up, be still my heart! After an hour I'm at T10,275...pretty much where I started.

4:38 - up to T25,975 thanks to KA>QQ esp when a K flops *grin

5:29 - did you know that 66 > 88? Neither did I. Down to 9,039. BTW, I hate ppl who say "I have to leave" then proceed to take your chips.

5:39 - Presto is gold, rivered a set against JQ. T13,000, 273 / 300

6:17 - trying to live blog while playing 2 games and chatting is proving beyond me. BUT I have ITM'ed in the Britbloggerment (Astin, I owe you one!) and have managed to stay in the Blogger Freeroll when As8S proved better than KA off. Yay eights!!

6:38 - out in 166th. AT looked goo against JK when a T flopped, but a J rivered and I'm done. Soooo close!

6:41 - and out of the BritBloggerment in 4th for $22.80. MY QQ not so hot against presto when a 5 flops. Ah well.... I did get one loverly hand in the BritBloggerment:


HUUUGE thanks to everyone who stopped by the table and wished me well in the WBCOP - it makes all the difference!

And HUUUGE congrats to the WPBT blogger brethren that made it into the prizes! You rock!

No George, I was serious....can I take lessons from you on late-stage play? Please? Pretty please?

9 Responses to “Live blogging the WBCOP”

  1. # Blogger Francase

    Still alive too - T13300. Drizz to my left.

    Just cracked the 800 barrier.  

  2. # Blogger BurnleyMik

    Very well played last night Kat. That hammer was something else!  

  3. # Blogger lightning36

    Congrats on the good run in the WBCOOP.  

  4. # Blogger BamBam

    It was great having our little "chat" Kat. (even if the med's were in full effect, lol) Maybe we'll catch up again soon. Hope so.

    Also hope you get feeling "Puuuuurrrrfect" again soon.  

  5. # Blogger yestbay

    Well done in the WBCOOP! Congrats on outlasting as many of us as you did. Next time, final table!  

  6. # Blogger pokertart

    i gotta ask....what's the "girlie chat"?  

  7. # Blogger BrainMc

    Great job in both and keeping up with the chat. Now you can take your extra 11 bucks and play in the Monkey on Tuesday night.  

  8. # Blogger petersmits_

    Nice blog!!! More people should read it. If you want, you can register your blog It is free and and it automatically updates when you do an update, so visitors of our site can see when you updated your blog. The big advantage is that it will attract MUCH more visitors to your blog.  

  9. # Blogger iamhoff

    A hammer boat. Grubby would be so proud. Great seeing you in the wbcoop. I've missed you guys, and I'm trying mightily to get back in the groove of things. See ya out there.  

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