Big Game, or BBToo #1

The Big Game starts in a few minutes, the kickoff of AlCantHang's BBToo.

Man, the effort this guy puts into keeping this loose collective of degenerates together (AND entertained!) is nothing short of amazing.

Al, m'dear, you are a prince among men. And that's not something I say lightly, or often. I do hope that you will allow me to assist keeping you in SoCo in Vegas!


Ok, game's starting, I have Daddy, Recess Rampage, BuddyDank, BLinders, ck31 and A10419. there's 57 people in the game with a pot of almost $4k. Time to keep the claws sharp!

Sharp, yeah sure. I'm tired, been dozing on and off all day, trying to stave off this bug that Hunny Bunny has. I think I'm losing.

One of these days I'm going to learn to NOT chase a flush draw. I remember this AFTER I have donated about T1,000 to rpinner. Duh.

Break. I'm at T2,875. Not up at all, but now down much either. Average is only 3886, and the blinds are still low, so I'm just sitting back drinking some tea and waiting. Time enough for panic mode later.

Finally! The bitches show some love! My trip Q's > Blinders 2 pair, and I double up.

I get QA in the SB, a small allin ahead of me, TuscaloosaJohn has J5. the only card that helps either of us is a 5.

A wee tilt going on. KA on the button,TuscaloosaJohn raises ahead of me, I call, Daddy in the SB goes all in. 105 to call, so duh I do. Nothing helps Tuscaloosa or I, and daddy's KK takes it. Less than T2k now.

KJ hearts. Definitely more of a tilt, heading straight into the awfukkits. Call Tuscaloosa's pre-flop raise which puts me all in. He has QA, but the only face card is a J. I'm up to almost T5k, which is about where I was 3 minutes ago. Time to banish tilt, or say the hell with it and go to bed.

another new table, 27 left. Then Gary's gone when his rockets meets jeciimd's number of the beast and we're down to 26.

Out in 20th. Fuck me. course it was stupid 1) laying out that kind of bet with only AT, then 2) putting the last nail in the coffin and calling when jeciimd put me all in. But he'd been grabbing my blinds over a few rounds, and I was down to about T3600, M of under 5. Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

1 Responses to “Big Game, or BBToo #1”

  1. # Blogger BamBam

    Well Kat,

    I wish you much better luck in the future events. I hope i can work my way into 1 or 2 of them in the very near future.

    I really want to see a happy Kat when we meet in Vegas in ooooooh saaaaaay about 45 1/2 days !!!

    Woooot ! Finally figure Pebbles and I can make it! After the rail-a-shots at the WBCoOP last week, I figure I better get a bottle of SoCo to practise me up for the live ones.

    All those degenerates...I can't wait !  

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