the morning after

The steam has been vented, and the contents aren't under nearly so much pressure as when I got home last night. But I'm still feeling enough remnants of tilt that I don't think poker is that good an idea right now.

It's a a very clear day and I can see the towers of the Fallsview Casino across the lake, but I'm going to ignore its siren song, and cancel my planned excursion to play poker. Instead I think I'll stay in my pajamas and watch old movies on TCM while knitting.

Far better for the blood pressure.

Pokerwolf commented that my last post sounded like "more of an emotional problem than a poker problem." (Well, duh, Wolfie babes *grin.) And that got me thinking ... when is tilt anything else but an emotional response? Never.

I fully recognize that my reaction to last night was waaaay over the top. I was not in a perfect headspace for poker last night. On a smaller scale I was tired, headache-y and uncomfortable (folding chairs suck after about 20 minutes). On a larger scale I'm not all that thrilled with where some parts of my life are stalled. I was getting ready to leave while ahead, but fell victim to the OMHS (One More Hand Syndrome). And the cell phone tilted me.

Innappropriate cell phone use annoys the crap out me. It's a very emotional response. When did we become so conditioned to think that a cell phone MUST be answered as soon as it rings, no matter what you're doing? Isn't that what caller ID and voicemail is for?? But I digress.

Yes, I got a little too in touch with my angry side. And no, I'm not proud of it. But I'm glad I'm learning enough to vent and let it go rather than hold it in so it gets worse.

So I'm ready for a day of relaxation. I've got my pj's and fuzzy slippers on, Happy Coffee and Eggo waffles on the way for breakfast and have just discovered it's an Andromeda marathon all day on Showcase!!


If anyone wants to kill some time while at work, give me a call...I'd even be up for a Dial-A-Shot. They're very relaxing you know *grin.

5 Responses to “the morning after”

  1. # Blogger Pokerwolf

    And that got me thinking ... when is tilt anything else but an emotional response? Never.

    Thinking about things was the whole point of writing what I did. I usually realize what I'm doing when I step back and consider all the angles. Not easy to do when angry, but still possible from time to time.  

  2. # Blogger Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy

    can we have more of the...

    "It's like playing with donkeys and retards."


    Classic line, wish I was there to see it and spit my beer on the table.  

  3. # Blogger Astin

    Oh, so to avoid tilt you're going to watch an Andromeda marathon? I hope you're planning to get out of Dodge before seasons 4 and 5 hit. Worst decline of a great show ever.

    Just remember - Poker sucks. I love poker!  

  4. # Blogger 23skidoo

    I promise to appropriately use my cell phone in your regards this evening.


  5. # Blogger slb159

    Not to blame a bit...if you remember at the bash, wolf was keeping up the pace by letting everyone know when the action was on them. Of course, you've already confirmed your acknowledgement that I am an impatient player, and although it takes a unique individual to be any more impatient than me (I'm much worse than you), I would have been even more pissed.

    No worries about your comment to the table. I would have prolly added a bitch-slap to the guy with my purse or waist-bag/fanny pack to top it off.  

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