First kick at the can

About an hour into this I took a long hard look and realized I was not going to place in this. I am no way ready for this winner-take-all kind of MTT.

When I'm at my best and play seriously, I final table in MTT's. I take Iakaris' advice that he gave so long ago and play for a particular place.

Five places pay in a token peep? I play for 5th. It's realistic, and I can relax into my play without stress.

Top 100 pay in a big MTT? Same thing. I play for about 50th. If I get that far then I upgrade my expectations according to my stack size relative to the average.

This sort of thinking has an added side benefit - I'm disappointed less and while I still tilt, it doesn't have quite the same edge to it. I break fewer things.

But now I'm wondering, am I shooting myself in the foot with this thinking? You blokes who play MTT's and cash a lot, are you playing for first all the time?

Don't get me wrong...even when I realized that I wouldn't take it down, I still played my game, such as it is. I wanted final table. And I need the experience, at putting what I'm reading into play.

Will I play another Ladies Event race or another winner-take-all style of MTT? I doubt it. The odds are crap, and playing against all women is problematic for reasons I've written about before.

But I'm definitely going to work towards playing in the WSOP.

9 Responses to “First kick at the can”

  1. # Blogger Raveen

    yea i dont think taking one of these is impossible just not as likely for people that dont play alot of multi...personally its going to be hard to win seats. Im debating myself if i really want to waste the time to go after these things cause I love things where a large number of people play cause I can beat them like you said. But winning the whole thing now that a different ball game....GL on the quest  

  2. # Blogger July

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  3. # Blogger Irongirl01

    You got me wondering the same thing Kat. Ive lost a bit of my MTT oomph. Im fine shorthanded, heads-up and in STTs.. Maybe thats the key a live STT for a lammer/chit or whatever they call them. But that can get expensive.

    Im not going to use yesterday's attempt as a benchmark. If at first you dont succeed try try again.  

  4. # Blogger KajaPoker

    I don't play that many MTTs but there is definitely a difference between a satellite and an actual MTT. I think you're spot on for the satellite theory. But you have it all wrong in playing for a place other than first in an MTT.  

  5. # Blogger Drizztdj

    You're better off playing the regular bracelet races where they'll award 2-6 seats based upon # of entries.

    If you can swing it, I'd do the $69+$6 ones with a double peep token.  

  6. # Blogger Astin

    You have to adjust your mentality based on the structure. This isn't news. Peep tokens = play for 5th. Blogger games = play for fun and the cash. MTTs = play for whatever you're comfortable with... but if it's winner-take-all, you have to walk in with first on your mind, or don't bother logging in.

    It's amazing what that focus can do for you. It changes your game and attitude in subtle ways. It's like playing a cash game for your last $60 vs having 10 buy-ins in your wallet.  

  7. # Blogger Michael Albert

    A second apology for an off topic comment -- but thanks for yours on my latest post.

    And you're welcome anytime. We forty-somethings from Ontario have to stick together.  

  8. # Blogger cracknaces

    Is there anything else but 1st? First place is all I think about, all I envision, and all I care about. In fact, when I get 2nd place I am mad at myself. I am not joking either, I really get pissed no matter how much I just won.

    On a side note, since you saw my wife in this tournament with me you can probably see that she is learning a lot from me. I think the biggest thing wome lack is pure aggression. Even the best women players on earth like Jen Harman, Annie Duke etc etc. are usually great at limit hold em and average at best in NLHE. I am not sure if it is possible to fix or not, I think it just human nature. Aggression is the key, you have to have it. Hope I didn't some off like a sexist pig :)  

  9. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Unless it's a Sat, I'm always playing for first place. Just playing to cash makes you weak around bubble time.  

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