It's about frigging time

Forgive me bloggers for I have sinned. It's been two weeks since my last confession of donkitude, errrr, I mean, blog post.

I'm still mightily in holiday relax-o-mode; it's noon and I'm still in my bathrobe and fuzzy slippers. And I don't plan on getting out of them anytime soon unless it's to slip into something even more comfortable, like a hot bubble bath.

Relax-o-mode has caused me to lapse in a few things, blogging being the most notable. It's not because I had nothing to say.

It's because I'm one hellishly lazy kitty right now. Yeah, like that's a big shocker.

It's a nice change, believe you me. December was loopy - Vegas, work, shopping, family, laundry, packing, yadda yadda.

And then on the 27th - dead stop. Hunny Bunny and I hit the road for three days and drove to Calgary:

map to calgary

Three days of conversation where some things were resolved, and some weren't. Add in the good road conditions and the full Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy on cd, and it was a pleasant enough journey.

New Year's was spent at my brother's place, playing poker with my family and Joanne. God I haven't laughed that much in ages. High point: having fun with friends and family. Low point: getting stacked by my 13 year old nephew who had NEVER played before (so he claims)!

I did play a lot of poker while there, and had some good hits, primarily a 6th place finish in a 5k guaranteed and a nice double up playing live with Joanne at her favourite casino.


Brave New World Year

I'm not a huge fan of the whole New Year's thing. I think I've worked through far too many NYE parties as a waitress, and the sight of all that forced gaiety and ensuing silliness has made me a jaded fuck about the whole event.

And while I understand the desire for a clean slate and how attractive a fresh new calendar can be for those wanting to turn over a new leaf (or improve upon an existing leaf), it seems like a lot of pressure to put on one unit of time. Resolutions...I don't think so. I'm done with 1) setting myself up for failure and 2) making a record of it. Oh yes, I have journal entries that blather on about losing weight, night school, exercising, being nicer to my fellow man (idiots included), stop drinking so much, call my family more (even the ones I don't like that much), etc.

And that whole Five-Year-Plan thing .... ummm, yeah. I barely know what I'm going to do tomorrow, much less in five years. I've always preferred to let my life meander organically. And yes, you can call me aimless and/or lazy, or that I've squandered many of the gifts and opportunities that life has tossed my way. You wouldn't be the first. But it's worked for me... I know I quote Douglas Adams ad nauseum but here's another:
I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.
But just because I am aimless does not mean I am without goals.

A few years ago, Hunny Bunny and I went to a series of discussions/conversations that was organized by the Marshall McLuhan Program at U of T. It was open for every one to join and participate and it was always an interesting mix of thinkers and doers. The first five minutes or so was devoted to introductions, first name and occupation. At one event the introductions were particularly tedious: "Hello, I'm ______ and am a professional _______ (student, scholar, butcher, baker, candlestick maker)". When it was my my turn, my inner smart alec surfaced and I said "Hi. I'm Kat and I'm working on becoming a professional human".

So with that in mind, my goals for the new year are the same as they ever are. Try every day to be slightly better version of me than the day before. And if not a better version, then perhaps one I like a little bit more than the day before.

Succinct. To the point. Lots of room for interpretation. Works for me.

Oh, you want a realistic short-term goal too? Demanding bunch aren't you?? Sheesh.

Ok, how's this - to ramp up my disposable income so I can afford my blogger habit. You lot are freaking expensive - Winter Classic, Summer Classic, Okie-Vegas, Eh-Vegas, meetups, blogger games, etc.

And you're worth every single penny. Even you, Waffles *grin.


Some poker...

The CC Partnership has started, and I'd like to say I'm off to a rousing start.

But I can't.

Playing with someone else's money feels far weirder than I'd anticipated. I've played several of the Poker Stars $12+1 six-handed SnG's that I'm normally pretty damn good at, and have bombed in each and every one. I did double up nicely in a cash game, however.

But today I'm not quite in a serious money making poker frame of mind, so I'm off donking away my own cash on Full Tilt.

Will keep you posted.


Bits and Bobs:

Nice to see that while my favorite waiter may have left his place of employment he is still writing. I LOVE this entry. Porn Demons, indeed. Explains a lot about some people's error messages actually.

File this site under "next-year's-christmas-shopping". Has something for everyone!

2 Responses to “It's about frigging time”

  1. # Blogger Joanne1111

    OMG I love that lunchbox! I cant wait for Christmas next year!

    Was so great having you here for the holidays - I only have one complaint. You left waaaaaay too early!  

  2. # Blogger Pokerwolf

    A-HA! I thought that's where you lived! I need to be speeching with you because I know a rockin' person who lives in your hometown and the two of you definitely need to meet!

    (Besides, that gives me more reasons to have my family visit! Woo!)

    Toss me an email (morlith at rocketmail dot com), and once I check with the other person to see if it's okay to give out their info, I'll fill you in!  

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