why I'm looking forward to vegas

Ten+ years ago, I was married to a punk rocker (yet another thing I can file under "seemed like a good idea at the time"). Long story, and there were many issues, but honestly, you would think that someone so liberal on the outside would be slightly less.... middle class in their thinking. Turned out his definition of "wife" was substantially different than mine. Life was not fun. Anyhow, back to my story...

Through my brother I ordered my first computer. Except programming courses in college, I'd only ever worked on computers within very defined applications for whatever industry I was in. I liked my expensive toy, liked playing with it, upgrading it (yeah, hold the geek comments to the end please), and reworking my resume yet again. Heard a radio ad for a local ISP and next thing you know I'm Archie-ing and Veronica-ing all over the place.

Now this ISP was very local to the Tee Dot, and small - the brainchild of two brothers Kludge and Bozak (not their real names). Shortly after launching, the services expanded as the www started and included a telnet chat. Now this chat was just for people on the ISP using their soon-to-be-obsolete software, and a motley crew soon showed up.

Dyslexicon was unusual for a chat...there were no moderators, no rules except maybe don't piss off the regulars. The fact that we were all local meant that there were meetups, Future Bakery for coffee and The Phoenix Club for wild and drunk evenings.

The chat was my lifeline. Here I could get the social interaction I needed without any spousal bullshit (of course he had to create some, it's what he did after all). I got to know some truly fabulous people, from some very disparate backgrounds. For a period of about a year, my friendships deepened and my marriage took a step from rocky into precarious. He was no longer the centre of my universe (never was truth be told) and it pissed him off. And he hated the fact that his campaign of belittling was not succeeding - how could it when there were all these great people who thought I was the cat's pajamas?

That part of the story came to it's obvious end. Sad, but inevitable. To this day he blames the internet chat for the breakup. I tend to look at it as the catalyst rather than the cause. Through Dyslexicon, I was able to meet people who I had nothing in common with other than being early-adopter geeks. They stretched my mind, my viewpoints, my awareness. The incestuous little group became a family of sorts...we drank together, partied together, and in a lot of cases, slept together. We supported each other, teased each other, gossiped about each other.

Of course this couldn't sustain itself - one by one people split off, went their own way. The network has become tenuous in a high-school-reunion kind of way: "oh remember Vauxhall, that drawing hobby ended up being a career", "Mino? I heard he moved to Greece and Birnie is now married". You get the picture. Do I still hang around with anyone from D-Con? Yep. I met Jules there, as well as Hunny Bunny.

And my point is, you ask? With the poker bloggers, I feel like I have stumbled on another Dyselxicon. I know I'm late to the party, but the friendships and camaraderie are very real. I can't wait to meet you all, to drink and laugh and drink and jopke and drink and play poker. Because in the words of the inimitable Joe Speaker:

It's not about the poker, people. It's about the people, people. And the best memories you'll take from the upcoming weekend will not be about raking pots, but about those unplanned, spontaneous moments, of which there will be many.

I'm sooooo there!

Sketch of Feline, By Vauxhall

Rebuy Madness

Why, oh why, do I do this to myself????

ooooey gui goodness

(Yeah, like I was going let a blog title like that go)

Last night in the Mookie, Mookie mentioned about the PokerStars beta. All he had to say was "resizeable windows" and I was googling it faster than a teenage boy googling porn when his 'rents are away.

I likeeee. But then, I'm a sucker for the GUI.

I'm very, very happy I don't have to dick around with creative window layering on the laptop anymore. And the View > Tile means no more Repetitive Strain Injury on my left hand from Alt-Tabbing between tables.

The skins are nice, but adding your own pic to the background is better. Mine is now this pic taken in Monument Valley at the end of a long day's ride. No more boring beige (I hate beige!).

change in plans

Due to computer issues at the school (yeah, I luuuuuv being the only techie amongst the luddites), I had to miss the live game with Guin tonight.

Insert the typical grumblings of a put-upon malcontent here.

But on the flip side, I was able to spend some time with Hunny Bunny before he gets deep into the Jazz Fest and becomes a shadow for the next two weeks. And I was able to make the Mookie tonight, Where I busted out 35 of 57. Not a good card night, best hand was AK diamonds, and that was kicked to the curb by AQ off. Even Veneno sending me the Poison by IM couldn't help me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Those in southern Ontario, did you feel it? Around 7-ish? A disturbance in the force? It can only mean one thing...Loud is back!!!

the best blog intro ever..

From a knitting blog I found:

If you are easily offended by gratuitious snark, overused obscenities, incessant hateration, blatant sexual overtones, criminal mischief, unabashed narcissism, generally evil bitchiness, and a complete disregard for every last one of the Ten Commandments, it would behoove you to seek refuge in a more morally sound blog. Consider yourself warned.

Damn...I wish I'd written it!

The WWdN: MsJoanne

It's been a while since I've live blogged, and well, frankly I think it could be the only way I remember what I play from one minute to the next. Yes, it has been a long few days...god I love report card season. My brain has gone numb from trying to think of 116 unique and personalized ways of saying your child did well this term.

So here we go:

8:20 - waiting for the start, chillin' and looking out my window. The smog and humidity has cleared up and I can see the mist over Niagara Falls across the lake. There's a red-tailed hawk soaring in the air currents created by the apartment buildings on the plateau over the river. A life is good moment for sure.

8:30: 64 takers tonight. God please don't let me at Waffles table. No..but I have StB and Sir Luckbox instead.

8:37 - biggus slickus in SB, call a 70 raise and of course the flop is the total opposite of what I need. And kids, that is why they tell you not to play in the blinds.

8:43 - won a hand, yipppeee...A6 s00ted. A on the board and CJ folds to my 60 raise.

9:01 - 18 minutes of folding rewarded with nut flush. Another life is good moment.

9:10 - Table change, don't know too many here.

9:14 - ruh roh...Amy to my right. She scares me a bit. I'm at 2020 chips, just below average. Just below average. That sounds about right *grin.

9:18 - donking off chips in hands I have no business being in, but realizing it too late as I chat happily away with my favourite brother on MSN. doh.

9:30 - an hour later and I'm back to where I started

9:41 - I take out Fred Garvin with a suckout while using my patented boredom move. I smooth call his raises with my A6 and make an A high flush on the river. I'm a very naughty girl.

9:42 - shit..raised Amy's bet before I realized who it was. Only chance I have is to bet hard and hope she folds. Whew...she folded to my lowly pair of Q's. (Sorry Amy!). So now I have almost 5k and am in 5th. yippeee skipeeee!

9:50 - Garth takes out CJ, the Wil-by-proxy. what makes this noteworthy is how funny it is that he didn't know. (sorry, in retrospect I think that's a location joke...had to be there)

10:00 - down to 18 players, moved to sit with guin, smokkee, shane. How exactly did I get into fourth? Anyone?

10:10 - donkey girl strikes, Riveracheron raises with QQ on the flop, and I somehow think my 66 will hold. Even as I click the button I kno, I KNOW, he has a Q. But can't stop, and drop to 13/16. Sigh. I can hear Loud's voice saying "Patience, little grasshopper".

10:20 - currently holding at 4k, which puts me at 10 of 12. So I'm just going to chill and hold on to the final table.

10:34 - one away from final table, hand for hand play. Oh. God. I'm not in 10th, but I'm close...one bonehead move and buh bye.

10:35 - it's the break. breathe. pee. get more cookies.

10:43 - had a blond moment. was SURE river's 66 would hold and was getting ready to say bye in 10th. But wait! the the board had 2 bigger pairs so my K kicker held. holy cats!

10:45 - final table! and with the help of a set of sevens I'm now in 5th of 9.

10:50 - 7 left and I get a set of Queens (purrrrrrr!). Now 3 of 7 - insert quiet cheering here, as Hunny Bunny is sleeping.

10:54 - s00ted big slick no goot. Luck080 won't go away and the flop and turn are shit. I fold, losing 2400 chips. Now 5 of 7.

10:58 - aquaverse's short stack succumbed and then there were 6.

11 - smokkee's gone, and at 10k, I'm 5 of 5.

11:10 - back and forth we go...no one even blinks. I'm trying to weigh my need to finish these last report cards, sleep, and if 5th place is good enoug.

11:11 - and while I'm thinking, Guin takes out Shadowtwin (Honda motorcycle owner perhaps?), so there's only 4 now.

11:12 - my pkt 7's hold against Luck080, I'm in second now with 23k and blinds at 600/1200.

11:16 - a shortstacked Luck080 is a pushy Luck080. But my K pairs on the board and he's out in fourth.

11:19 - i get cocky when my K2 is mirrored on the flop. the other flop card is a seven, which completes guins SET. I'm out in third, and as Garth jsut said, third doesn't suck!

So thank you all again for a very, very fun evening in total work procrastination mode. Back to report cards for me.

Monday at the Hoy (MATH)

For the first time in two weeks I wasn't filled with a fast burst of unreasonable rage at being busted out of a tourney. That's becuase I was laughing too hard.

Things discussed in the chat box of the Hoy (that I can remember):
  • Hoy variants: reverse Hoy, perverted Hoy , Number of the Beast Hoy, Neighbour of the Beast Hoy, The CC Hoy, the Special Hoy
  • milking a cat
  • freezing a cat
  • where DrRaz keeps his chips warm
  • chili
  • peeing
  • porn
  • notes
  • poker blogger glossary

Gentlemen, thank you for a fabulous evening. It was worth the $20.

Ladies Poker

Just busted out of my fourth "ladies only" online poker event. And after a conversation with Hunny Bunny and careful review of my play, I think I've pinpointed the two main problems.

1) I have never, in my life, ever, played Bingo. *

2) Most of these women have never, in their lives, ever, really played Poker. *

Careful, thoughtful, strategic poker does you no good here. And because I really wanted to win this, I couldn't adjust to a loosey goosey, call any all-in with any old two cards style of play.

I watched first Loud and then Maudie bust out with killer hands before falling victim myself to a suckout. And yes I'm tilting. So sorry for the boo-hoo-it's-all-about-me-and-my-bad-beat post. Here's a buck.

I feel better now.

* Yes, I know I used too many commas. I like commas today. Even if you send the grammar police after me, I'm still not changing it.

haiku on losing a last longer bet

A Yahoo IM,
Graham offers a challenge...
Yes, I'll play a game.

I'm multitabling,
Stars Goddess abandons me
I am card dead here.

Suited King and Queen
Diamond-bright, lustre soon dims.
The flop holds no paint.

Half my stack departs;
So much dandelion fluff
On a balmy breeze.

I have a new role -
mistress of origami.
I can only fold.

No! A table change!
My nemesis awaits me;
A Potamaphobe.

The bitch goddess smirks,
And this wager is now lost.
Until the next time.....

Pretty damn nifty

Check out Weak...making the TV table and everything!!

Ok, ok, I know it's not the TV table, it's the Webcast table. To online poker bloggers, it's the same thing. Actually better than the TV table. Don't know about you, but I spend far more time in front of the computer than in front of the TV.

And I must not be quite as jaded as I think....I'm still going "COOL!" a la Bart Simpson

The attitude I'm trying to take with poker

But alas, some days it's very difficult.

Mish Mash of assorted crap

Firstly, TY for the Dial-a-Shot last night, Gary! I feel honoured to be second called, after the eminent Al. Definitely made me feel even more envious of those where able to make it *grin. And yes, you need to make it July or August next year when I have the time off - I can ride down and see more of the U.S.A.

Got off the phone and mentioned it in the chat with Jules, who hates being left out of things almost as much as me. All it took was a "no one ever dial-a-shots Australia" comment for me to speed dial her and make her drink wine on a Sunday morning. It was worth whatever my cell company is going to charge me for the call just to surprise lil miss jaded. Cheers J, and cannot WAIT to see you on the 23rd!!!!


Last night's pokering was fun - I placed ITM on a MTT on stars, placing 189 of 1576. Alas it was a $3 + .30 buyin, which meant I was ahead by just over $2.50 when all is said and done. Still, better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Played 3 other MTT's that I did not place in, no further comment necessary. I did place in a few one- and two-table SnG's that funded my tournament donkaliciousness. Overall the bankroll is +$37.

But better than the $ is the fun at being able to play poker in your house, talk with friends and drink a few beers while hanging out. The beauty of the internet means that quite often one is physically alone while doing said activities. Here's a toast to all the geeks who are enabling my hermit-like tendencies.


Someone posted a while back about music, and yes I know it's an ongoing thread. Just throwing my two cents out there.

Things I have tried during live play: nothing. When I actually get my ass out the door, I'm social. I like to listen to the people around me and join in conversations. It's hard to flirt effectively when wearing an ipod. Plus you miss cues....like the sharp intake of breath from the girl to my right on Wednesday's live game with Guin (thank you again for inviting me!); that combined with her sudden ability to call as opposed to raise/fold let me know she had a monster. /me get out of the way, as the chat geeks would put it. There was another girl there doing a pretty ok Evelyn Ng impression (need more bling and a better manicure dear), whose pattern of fiddling with the controls of her mp3 player around her neck quickly became a welcome tell.

Things I have tried during online play: lots. It's been noted before that I have a short attention span and I'm impatient. I need input or I drift. I've tried to stave off the boredom of waiting for my turn by knitting, reading, and watching tv. And no, you don't need to tell me what a bad idea they all are. I already know, tyvm. I've experimented with finding the right music to listen to like I experimented with finding the right drug in the 80's. It's like Goldilocks and the Three Bears: once you toss out the ones that make you too jittery, too sleepy, too paranoid, too angry and too bitchy, you're left with the one that is just right.

Techno. Especially trip hop/ambient. Not too loud, jolting, angry or mellow. Just right. My stations of choice are either Groove Salad from Soma.FM (look under Ambient in the iTunes Radio listing if you're so inclined) or the Ambient station on CBC's Galaxie radio through my cable provider.


When I started that counter to the right with the days remaining until Vegas, there were 100+ days on it. I'd just got my flights confirmed, and I was GOING! In my enthusiasm I made a list of what I wanted to do before getting to Vegas.

Yesterday this list surfaced as I was going through the pile of papers on my desk looking for the chinese take-out menu. I thought I'd share it with you all so you can see my progress:

  • Work on my tournament play. Well I *have* practiced and improved somewhat, so we'll put a check here.
  • Read the Harrington books. No check.
  • Work on calculating outs and pot odds better, quicker and hopefully in my head without having to resort to pencil and paper. No check.
  • Play more live poker to get comfortable with it. I've played live maybe 4 times in the last two months. No check.
  • Get some exercise. Rollerblade, bicycle, get outside, get some sun! Eat better. Lose a bit of the pear shape before meeting these people for the first time. Um, yeah. Definitely no check.

What's that smell you ask? Yet another list of postponed and procrastinated things going up in smoke.

Holey Moley!

When I told my beloved Hunny Bunny that I was starting to collect data and track my poker play, he asked the usual probing questions - why not before, why now, what sort of information am I looking at, what trends do I hope to see, etc. He also asked a very good question that hadn't occurred to me before:

Have I broken even yet?

So I looked at all the deposits on the online sites, went through my journals to see what my status was on the Taylor and Tawny homegame as well as other live home games, and reviewed my B&M casino excursions.

And I'm happy to announce that at this very second, twenty months after sitting down to my very first hand of poker ever, eight months after starting to play online for cash, I am actually ahead by about thirty seven dollars.

Yippeeeee skippeeeeeee!

Shooting myself in the foot

Met Guin and his "posse" last night for some live poker.I was sorry to miss the Mookie, but need to get more live play in before Vegas.

Met up at the Beer Bistro for a nice libation before heading over to the club. (yummmmmmmm!). Guin is a great guy, fun and making sure everyone is having a great time. It was kind of funny watching him and his buddies organize everyone to meet - like watching dueling crackberries!

The club was nice, and the tourney had 21 players @ $30 each. The game was fun, and I'm truly amazed at how many people thought A-rag or a bit of paint is a good starting hand - thank you to the blogger crew once more for elevating my game!

I was able to isolate a huge hole in my game. I still don't stop and think.

Case 1: Blinds are at 50/100I have KK, the man to my right likes to raise. So I let him. Preflop he raises, I smooth call. Flop is a K-crap-crap, he bets 400, I raise to 1000. D'oh! If I'd just smooth called him again or raised by less, I may have been able to get more. But my over-the-top bet made him think for about 30 seconds before folding.

Case 2: There are three people left, blinds are at 400/800, I'm short stacked with an M of 4. I have crap and happily fold when middle stack (not that much more than me) goes all in. BIG stack calls...middle has A-2, big has A-10. Flop has a 3 and a 5, river has a 4. And I swear to god, no one, not even the dealer saw the str8. They're calling it 10 kicker wins, and the dealer is starting to push the cards over to big stack. So what do I do? Without thinking about the fact that with middle stack gone I'm in second, I say "Hey, what about the straight?". So middles stack doubles up, and I go out in third very shortly thereafter. And btw, first and second paid cash ($330 and 180), third paid a $100 seat to the clubs Sunday 5K guaranteed rebuy tourney.

But while I'm kicking myself for screwing myself out of cash, I'm also left wondering....even if I'd thought about it before opening my mouth, could I have squashed my sense of fair play and kept quiet? How much would it have bothered me to sell out sportsmanship? And is there a price tag on it? What would you have done?


And speaking of the tourney seat, I have plans to be in Belleville and hungover on Sunday, June 25th. So Guin, would you or any of the posse like to buy my seat?


It occurs to me that I'm at the stage in the game where I should be tracking my cash somehow rather than the faulty running total in my faulty head. Yes, I know I should have done it sooner, but frankly was afraid to take too close a look in case the amount of money lost scared me away from poker. Now I feel that I have some sort of a consistently ok online game going and am ready to face the numbers. If you knew my level of abhorrence with anything accounting related, you'd understand how bit a step this is for me.

So I'm setting up an Excel spread sheet. this is what I *think* I should be tracking:

  1. Site (I'd like to also track how much the site's interface affects me)
  2. Game (NLHE, LHE, Omaha, Stud)
  3. Type (tournament, SnG, cash)
  4. Buy-in
  5. Net profit/loss
  6. Length of time played
  7. Emotional state
Is there anything else I should be tracking? Thoughts? Suggestions?

Monday pimpin'

Something for later; because it's yet another Monday where I can't make the Taylor and Tawny Homegame :-(
What: Mondays at the Hoy
Where: Pokerstars, "Private" tab
When: Monday June 5, @10pm ETBuy-in: $20 + $2 -- NLH
Password: hammer


I could not come up with a title for this post. I think this speaks for itself.

And no. I am not going to tell you what happened. It's far too embarassing.


Because let's face it, we are so easily led astray ~ Loud

To be honest, I don't know if we're so much led astray, as we pick up hitchhikers on the road called Astray, on our way down to the Den of Iniquity.

But on to my point. In the last two days I have jumped into tournaments at the last minute coz a blogger said "Hey, play in this with me. It'll be fun".

Now Friday's foray was everything but fun. I had an evil day in all areas. Work, personal, health, financial; you name an important area of life and something went horribly, horribly wrong with it that day (ok, ok...maybe not "horribly" per se, I'm exaggerating for literary effect. But stuff definitely went south). When I got home, I joined Loud and Weak in the $3+30 Rebuy Madness. I was bright-eyed and bushy tailed (it's just a saying, and no, I don't have a tail), and ready to kick some ass.

Not. So. Much.

If I got cards, someone had better. And I didn't often have cards. I tried to force the rocks on my table to loosen up, and when they did I got smacked down hard. Within about a half hour Loud and Aaron were sporting very, very large chip stacks, and I had bought in 6 times and could not get above 3k no way/no how. I think I phrased it as that was the icing on the cake of my day. And since I was on an emotional low to begin with, it was a short hop, skip and jump to sink even lower. I flirted with the bad boys of the negative emotions - Rage and Jealousy. Actually a bit more than flirting occurred with these oh so dangerous guys - there was dinner, drinks and murmurs of "of course I'll respect you in the morning". I lasted to just before the break before I said fuckit and didn't bother to buy in for the 11th time. At that point I went to sit and sulk on a few SnG's. Lessson: like with so many other things, when you need Fun and try and force it, it will elude you. And things will only get worse.

But yesterday, oh yesterday was glorious! I had a good night's sleep, had a productive day, and when I got home I didn't need to play and have fun. I just wanted to and if I lost, I lost.

I played a Full Tilt token peep and came in first. I played a few short-handed one table SnG's on Stars and placed first and second. I was playing with Waffles on a NLHE cash game for a bit when he said "join me in the $5+50". Ok...I have no self restraint, so let's go. I slipped in at the last minute and multitabled for a bit with the cash game and another token peep with Weak. And things went well. I bailed on the cash game after a few orbits, having made some money, and since the MTT was going well, I lost focus on the peep and lost, 10th of 18 I think.

How did I do in the MTT? Third. Which made me $427 - not a bad investment for five bucks and five hours. By the time I wound down, it was definitely past my bedtime.

The win actually only really hit me this afternoon. I'm not happy how I went out, and I had my heart set on second place with it's $700+ prize. Hubby told me to stop being such a greedy bitch and be happy.

And I am.


Dear Weak, Sox, Surflexus and Waffles;
I cannot thank you enough for making me laugh last night. The big blinds give me the willies (I'm not used to playing at those rarefied levels like you guys *grin), and participating in the general loopiness on the girlie chat thing helped keep me from getting all stressed out. And the "mom" comments in the game's chat window had me cracking up. To paraphrase one of my students, you guys are like, totally, my, uummm, hero-mentor things. Like, seriously!

*This blog post title brought to you be the late night Weak and Sox Show

it bears repeating

I've said it before and I'll say it again:
Poker does not make a bad day better. In fact it makes it much, much worse.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

I owe you a....

I'd meant for the previous post to be more of a thank you to the poker blogosphere for helping make me a better player, but in retrospect it sounds more like a bad beat story.

So I owe you a dollah. But I'm paying you in CDN funds, so with today's conversion rate, you yanks are only getting 90 cents USD.

Enjoy *grin.

I still have some funds on Absolute Poker left from the PSO Blogger Freeroll winnings, so last night I decided at the last minute to use some of it for a satellite to the WSOP Ladies Event qualifier.

It was a pretty light playing field for $10 - there were only 14 other takers beside myself. So with that number of players the top three would get the qualifier entry, fourth would get $27. My first table started with only 7 players - fabulous! I love playing short handed!

I played a slow tight selectively aggressive style, and stayed third/fourth pretty much throughout the first hour. 5 of the 15 were knocked out in the first twenty minutes, two of them by me (w00t!).

Now, I do think my game has improved over the last 5-6 months, but it wasn't until last night that I really knew it. Most of these women were awful. Even I could see how fishie they were. Unpredictable (which is a good thing, really) but loosie goosie. Only two others in the game were reasonably tight and I'd say that over half of every table were calling stations...."oooooo Ace 2 offsuited, what a great hand". And some of them did quite well by being calling stations; there was one player who's luckbox abilities rivaled CJ's!

It took very little time to get to 5 players. I was in third place, when I was dealt a s00ted big slick on the button. A few folded, a few called, I bet 4xBB, or $400. SB folds, BB calls (no surprise, she's one of the worst calling stations) and the rest fold. Flop comes Ace, 4, Q rainbow, BB checks and I go all in because she has never called an all in, and there is no way I want Ms. Luckbox to catch anything. She calls. Hmmmmmmm.

Now she has me outchipped by only a little, so if she's made a set, I'm out. No. It's pocket tens = no set. And yet even though I've got her, I get that sinking feeling in the pit of stomach and the little voice in my head that says Kat, no way are you going to win this hand.

Turn is a 3...one half is hoping while the other half of me is still sure that the poker gods are going to seriously slap me down here. And yes. There was a 10 on the river. How did I know? And why could I not "know" it before I pushed all in??

So while I bubbled, I wasn't really all that upset. Yeah, who am I kidding - the air was blue around me from the language spewing out of my mouth as I looked at my screen in disbelief. But it faded quickly. Because I realized that I played it right, with what I know about poker right now. And that I knew a little bit more than I thought, thanks to the direct (and indirect) coaching of the girlie chat thing folks that I see regularly.

You guys rock.

I shouldn't have been there

There are days, when it just doesn't happen. Both internal and external factors intrude and distract in both obvious and subtle ways. Now, a smart and self-aware person will recognize when said factors are rearing their ugly head(s), and act accordingly.

Not me.

Take last night as a case in point. I was hot, hungry, stressed with end of year school stuff, fielding client phone calls for sideline web work, and generally feeling blech. I knew I could not devote even half of the focus necessary to play poker.

But I played anyway.

Yesterday's tally was:
- out first in a $30 18 person SnG with Weak (-33)
- second in a $12 6 person SnG (+9)
- out first again in another $12 short handed SnG (-13)
- played a NLHE ring game for a bit (-2.75)
- played a PL Omaha ring game (+27)
- the Mookie where I finished 19th (-11)

Grand total for my day = -23.75

Now I know to those who swim in deeper waters, this is nothing. And to me in irl, it's nothing. I've spent more on a manicure.

{realize that I'm rambling. Insert musical interlude to collect my thoughts.}

Sigh. I honestly don't know where I'm going with this post. I had a point, but the train of thought has left the station without me. I should delete it; but I think this actually helps illustrate what a jumble it is inside my head right now.

Tomorrow's post will be better; I promise.


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