I shouldn't have been there

There are days, when it just doesn't happen. Both internal and external factors intrude and distract in both obvious and subtle ways. Now, a smart and self-aware person will recognize when said factors are rearing their ugly head(s), and act accordingly.

Not me.

Take last night as a case in point. I was hot, hungry, stressed with end of year school stuff, fielding client phone calls for sideline web work, and generally feeling blech. I knew I could not devote even half of the focus necessary to play poker.

But I played anyway.

Yesterday's tally was:
- out first in a $30 18 person SnG with Weak (-33)
- second in a $12 6 person SnG (+9)
- out first again in another $12 short handed SnG (-13)
- played a NLHE ring game for a bit (-2.75)
- played a PL Omaha ring game (+27)
- the Mookie where I finished 19th (-11)

Grand total for my day = -23.75

Now I know to those who swim in deeper waters, this is nothing. And to me in irl, it's nothing. I've spent more on a manicure.

{realize that I'm rambling. Insert musical interlude to collect my thoughts.}

Sigh. I honestly don't know where I'm going with this post. I had a point, but the train of thought has left the station without me. I should delete it; but I think this actually helps illustrate what a jumble it is inside my head right now.

Tomorrow's post will be better; I promise.

5 Responses to “I shouldn't have been there”

  1. # Blogger Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy

    I hear you Kat.

    Less is more for me these days, which really started with your post about a month ago, to be more focused and prepared when I play.

    I have been doing much better, and I'm enjoying it much more.

    I'm missing way too many tourniments recently, but I'm sure I would of crashed in all the ones I've missed since my head wasn't where it belonged on those nights (actually, it was where it belonged, on a pillow).  

  2. # Blogger cc

    Maybe look at it another way: you got to play alot of different things for your $27 loss, which is pretty good. And how much does a manicure cost for crying out loud...  

  3. # Blogger mookie99

    Thanks for making it out last night even though you weren't feeling it. Guess there were no "studly hungwells" to motivate you. :)  

  4. # Blogger Iakaris aka I.A.K.

    Hey Kat,

    I get what you're saying loud and clear. I agree with B.D. Even in my limited foray online I have been taught this lesson multiple times - there are times when I just am not the right me to be at the table. It's the equivalent of a weak continuation bet. Yeah, I've shown up, but my heart's not in the fight. I too am struggling with learning to unplug BEFORE I get taught the lesson by the well rested guy to my left.  

  5. # Blogger drewspop

    It was great talking to you from Vegas Kat. Thanks for the dial-a-shot.  

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