Shooting myself in the foot

Met Guin and his "posse" last night for some live poker.I was sorry to miss the Mookie, but need to get more live play in before Vegas.

Met up at the Beer Bistro for a nice libation before heading over to the club. (yummmmmmmm!). Guin is a great guy, fun and making sure everyone is having a great time. It was kind of funny watching him and his buddies organize everyone to meet - like watching dueling crackberries!

The club was nice, and the tourney had 21 players @ $30 each. The game was fun, and I'm truly amazed at how many people thought A-rag or a bit of paint is a good starting hand - thank you to the blogger crew once more for elevating my game!

I was able to isolate a huge hole in my game. I still don't stop and think.

Case 1: Blinds are at 50/100I have KK, the man to my right likes to raise. So I let him. Preflop he raises, I smooth call. Flop is a K-crap-crap, he bets 400, I raise to 1000. D'oh! If I'd just smooth called him again or raised by less, I may have been able to get more. But my over-the-top bet made him think for about 30 seconds before folding.

Case 2: There are three people left, blinds are at 400/800, I'm short stacked with an M of 4. I have crap and happily fold when middle stack (not that much more than me) goes all in. BIG stack calls...middle has A-2, big has A-10. Flop has a 3 and a 5, river has a 4. And I swear to god, no one, not even the dealer saw the str8. They're calling it 10 kicker wins, and the dealer is starting to push the cards over to big stack. So what do I do? Without thinking about the fact that with middle stack gone I'm in second, I say "Hey, what about the straight?". So middles stack doubles up, and I go out in third very shortly thereafter. And btw, first and second paid cash ($330 and 180), third paid a $100 seat to the clubs Sunday 5K guaranteed rebuy tourney.

But while I'm kicking myself for screwing myself out of cash, I'm also left wondering....even if I'd thought about it before opening my mouth, could I have squashed my sense of fair play and kept quiet? How much would it have bothered me to sell out sportsmanship? And is there a price tag on it? What would you have done?


And speaking of the tourney seat, I have plans to be in Belleville and hungover on Sunday, June 25th. So Guin, would you or any of the posse like to buy my seat?

6 Responses to “Shooting myself in the foot”

  1. # Blogger Guin

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  

  2. # Blogger Guin

    It was awesome to finally meet you in RL Kat.

    Against that group I would have let the non call of the straight stand. I have no doubt that Oliver knew it was out there but he is waiting for the dealers call on the play.

    I think that the guys we brought added a higher level of donkness to the play at the tables. Normally people are more restrained and focused on playing solid poker.

    Great job on the money finish. I am playing golf on the 25th but I can shop around the entry to a few of the guys. Re-buys for $50 in that event which should build quickly.

    Hope you can make it out again but don't have the bike so we can pour some more alcohol into you!  

  3. # Blogger Falstaff

    I don't know anything other than what you said in the blog, nothign about the players, etc., but cards speak and you calling it out there was the right thing to do. Good pokery karma points for you, even if someone else would have caught it.  

  4. # Blogger Miami Don

    I agree, even though it cost you a few bucks you did the right thing. You keep quiet there and your Aces will be cracked for all eternity.

    Did the player you saved even offer you say your buy-in back?  

  5. # Blogger drewspop

    I would have done the same but does anyone know if there is any etiquette to the contrary out there?

    The same thing happened in the live game I play at the bar on Monday night and the guy who didn't win it was pretty pissed off. I didn't get it because if I lose, I lose. That's the game, but I just didn't know if there was some unwritten rule about that. Especially if you aren't in the hand yourself.

    Nice job on 3rd btw Kat.  

  6. # Blogger Matt Silverthorn

    I would definitely have said something. Congrats on making 3rd!  

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