The WWdN: MsJoanne

It's been a while since I've live blogged, and well, frankly I think it could be the only way I remember what I play from one minute to the next. Yes, it has been a long few days...god I love report card season. My brain has gone numb from trying to think of 116 unique and personalized ways of saying your child did well this term.

So here we go:

8:20 - waiting for the start, chillin' and looking out my window. The smog and humidity has cleared up and I can see the mist over Niagara Falls across the lake. There's a red-tailed hawk soaring in the air currents created by the apartment buildings on the plateau over the river. A life is good moment for sure.

8:30: 64 takers tonight. God please don't let me at Waffles table. No..but I have StB and Sir Luckbox instead.

8:37 - biggus slickus in SB, call a 70 raise and of course the flop is the total opposite of what I need. And kids, that is why they tell you not to play in the blinds.

8:43 - won a hand, yipppeee...A6 s00ted. A on the board and CJ folds to my 60 raise.

9:01 - 18 minutes of folding rewarded with nut flush. Another life is good moment.

9:10 - Table change, don't know too many here.

9:14 - ruh roh...Amy to my right. She scares me a bit. I'm at 2020 chips, just below average. Just below average. That sounds about right *grin.

9:18 - donking off chips in hands I have no business being in, but realizing it too late as I chat happily away with my favourite brother on MSN. doh.

9:30 - an hour later and I'm back to where I started

9:41 - I take out Fred Garvin with a suckout while using my patented boredom move. I smooth call his raises with my A6 and make an A high flush on the river. I'm a very naughty girl.

9:42 - shit..raised Amy's bet before I realized who it was. Only chance I have is to bet hard and hope she folds. Whew...she folded to my lowly pair of Q's. (Sorry Amy!). So now I have almost 5k and am in 5th. yippeee skipeeee!

9:50 - Garth takes out CJ, the Wil-by-proxy. what makes this noteworthy is how funny it is that he didn't know. (sorry, in retrospect I think that's a location joke...had to be there)

10:00 - down to 18 players, moved to sit with guin, smokkee, shane. How exactly did I get into fourth? Anyone?

10:10 - donkey girl strikes, Riveracheron raises with QQ on the flop, and I somehow think my 66 will hold. Even as I click the button I kno, I KNOW, he has a Q. But can't stop, and drop to 13/16. Sigh. I can hear Loud's voice saying "Patience, little grasshopper".

10:20 - currently holding at 4k, which puts me at 10 of 12. So I'm just going to chill and hold on to the final table.

10:34 - one away from final table, hand for hand play. Oh. God. I'm not in 10th, but I'm bonehead move and buh bye.

10:35 - it's the break. breathe. pee. get more cookies.

10:43 - had a blond moment. was SURE river's 66 would hold and was getting ready to say bye in 10th. But wait! the the board had 2 bigger pairs so my K kicker held. holy cats!

10:45 - final table! and with the help of a set of sevens I'm now in 5th of 9.

10:50 - 7 left and I get a set of Queens (purrrrrrr!). Now 3 of 7 - insert quiet cheering here, as Hunny Bunny is sleeping.

10:54 - s00ted big slick no goot. Luck080 won't go away and the flop and turn are shit. I fold, losing 2400 chips. Now 5 of 7.

10:58 - aquaverse's short stack succumbed and then there were 6.

11 - smokkee's gone, and at 10k, I'm 5 of 5.

11:10 - back and forth we one even blinks. I'm trying to weigh my need to finish these last report cards, sleep, and if 5th place is good enoug.

11:11 - and while I'm thinking, Guin takes out Shadowtwin (Honda motorcycle owner perhaps?), so there's only 4 now.

11:12 - my pkt 7's hold against Luck080, I'm in second now with 23k and blinds at 600/1200.

11:16 - a shortstacked Luck080 is a pushy Luck080. But my K pairs on the board and he's out in fourth.

11:19 - i get cocky when my K2 is mirrored on the flop. the other flop card is a seven, which completes guins SET. I'm out in third, and as Garth jsut said, third doesn't suck!

So thank you all again for a very, very fun evening in total work procrastination mode. Back to report cards for me.

9 Responses to “The WWdN: MsJoanne”

  1. # Blogger mookie99

    Great job ! Hitting your stride right before the big Vegas trip. Nice.  

  2. # Blogger Guin

    Hopefully you aren't too tired to play well tomorrow night.

    And to not use up all my luck I managed to run into a similar unlucky hand of two pair vs. set to lose a bunch of chips.

    So tomorrow I think we are both in good shape to win some cash from the donks. Good game tonight.  

  3. # Blogger CarmenSinCity

    Third is great! Congratulations girl.  

  4. # Blogger 23skidoo

    Congrats Kat, patience is a virtue. One I do not posess.  

  5. # Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo

    Nice work, Kat. You are back in the saddle this week, 4th in the Hoy and now 3rd in the WWdN. What does that mean you'll do for the Mook? Sounds like first I'm thinking.  

  6. # Blogger StB

    Well done!  

  7. # Blogger smokkee

    good comeback last night Kat. you were on life support. 3rd's better than 6th. vn  

  8. # Blogger Iakaris aka I.A.K.

    En Fuego  

  9. # Blogger TransFish

    Glad to hear it was Q's. I think I had AJ or AQ... I was agonizing over whether to push or fold there since I didn't have much of a stack left... good game.  

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