Because let's face it, we are so easily led astray ~ Loud

To be honest, I don't know if we're so much led astray, as we pick up hitchhikers on the road called Astray, on our way down to the Den of Iniquity.

But on to my point. In the last two days I have jumped into tournaments at the last minute coz a blogger said "Hey, play in this with me. It'll be fun".

Now Friday's foray was everything but fun. I had an evil day in all areas. Work, personal, health, financial; you name an important area of life and something went horribly, horribly wrong with it that day (ok, ok...maybe not "horribly" per se, I'm exaggerating for literary effect. But stuff definitely went south). When I got home, I joined Loud and Weak in the $3+30 Rebuy Madness. I was bright-eyed and bushy tailed (it's just a saying, and no, I don't have a tail), and ready to kick some ass.

Not. So. Much.

If I got cards, someone had better. And I didn't often have cards. I tried to force the rocks on my table to loosen up, and when they did I got smacked down hard. Within about a half hour Loud and Aaron were sporting very, very large chip stacks, and I had bought in 6 times and could not get above 3k no way/no how. I think I phrased it as that was the icing on the cake of my day. And since I was on an emotional low to begin with, it was a short hop, skip and jump to sink even lower. I flirted with the bad boys of the negative emotions - Rage and Jealousy. Actually a bit more than flirting occurred with these oh so dangerous guys - there was dinner, drinks and murmurs of "of course I'll respect you in the morning". I lasted to just before the break before I said fuckit and didn't bother to buy in for the 11th time. At that point I went to sit and sulk on a few SnG's. Lessson: like with so many other things, when you need Fun and try and force it, it will elude you. And things will only get worse.

But yesterday, oh yesterday was glorious! I had a good night's sleep, had a productive day, and when I got home I didn't need to play and have fun. I just wanted to and if I lost, I lost.

I played a Full Tilt token peep and came in first. I played a few short-handed one table SnG's on Stars and placed first and second. I was playing with Waffles on a NLHE cash game for a bit when he said "join me in the $5+50". Ok...I have no self restraint, so let's go. I slipped in at the last minute and multitabled for a bit with the cash game and another token peep with Weak. And things went well. I bailed on the cash game after a few orbits, having made some money, and since the MTT was going well, I lost focus on the peep and lost, 10th of 18 I think.

How did I do in the MTT? Third. Which made me $427 - not a bad investment for five bucks and five hours. By the time I wound down, it was definitely past my bedtime.

The win actually only really hit me this afternoon. I'm not happy how I went out, and I had my heart set on second place with it's $700+ prize. Hubby told me to stop being such a greedy bitch and be happy.

And I am.


Dear Weak, Sox, Surflexus and Waffles;
I cannot thank you enough for making me laugh last night. The big blinds give me the willies (I'm not used to playing at those rarefied levels like you guys *grin), and participating in the general loopiness on the girlie chat thing helped keep me from getting all stressed out. And the "mom" comments in the game's chat window had me cracking up. To paraphrase one of my students, you guys are like, totally, my, uummm, hero-mentor things. Like, seriously!

*This blog post title brought to you be the late night Weak and Sox Show

4 Responses to “SuperDonkeyGirl*”

  1. # Blogger Jules

    woohooo..if going astray leads you to monster wins in MTTs like that - I say go for it.

    Congrats babe!  

  2. # Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo

    Nice work on the MTT, Kat. That is what, your third or fourth big MTT score?  

  3. # Blogger CarmenSinCity

    YAY!!!!! Congratulations!!  

  4. # Blogger surflexus

    Any time Kat...Congrats!!!!  

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