Home, at last.

What a blur. Got home from Philly at 8-ish on Sunday night and played the Jen Harman charity game where I did well, but not nearly as well as MiniDonk - congrats, girl!

Next morning I was awoken far too early, and we headed 4.5 hours North to visit family for a bit, driving back late Tuesday.

I think I'm done with driving for a bit.


But now I'm home, it's time to catch up on a few things, but first things first.

When I was younger, my mom made me write out thank-you letters for everything from a birthday gift to a sleepover at a friends house. And alas, since I've been in the Land of Dial-Up for the last two days, I'm a bit behind in my thank-you's so here we go:

Dear AlCantHang and Riggstad;
Wow. From the Al-sized shots of tequila to bogeying on the dance floor, I had a most excellent time. And a huge thank you to whichever one of you picked up my tab from Friday night; I'd like to compensate you in some way if you'll allow. I had a blast (and then some), and vented off some much needed steam - my warning label is no longer Contents Under Pressure. As with the last Bash, it was worth every second of the long drive to be able to hang out with you. You rock!
Yours truly;

Dear Donkette, ANIguy and MiniDonk;
I cannot thank you enough for opening up your home to me in such a warm and friendly way. You didn't know me from a hole in ground, and yet you invited me to stay and hang out. This proves once again, that bloggers are pretty fucking amazing. Thank you for so much- for driving my car back on Friday night, for dinner and the poker on Saturday, and for everything in-between. And MiniDonk, thanks for taking some photos on Saturday - some great shots there!
Yours truly;

Dear CK;
No words...just a huge purrrrrrr. I wish I was 10 years younger so I could keep up with you! As in Eh-Vegas, it was a great pleasure to par-tay with you for a bit!
Yours truly;

Dear F-Train;
I am so glad that you were able to make it - no blogger gathering is complete without 130 pounds of fury! It was great seeing you again, made even better by it being unexpected.
Yours truly;

Dear Millerd33;
Holy crap, are you funny! Thank you so much for making me laugh my way out of my tilt on Saturday night! Get cracking on that blog, babes...you need to share that sense of humour with the blogosphere.
Yours truly;

Dear Perticelli;
It was great to meet you, and thank you so much for making sure that a) I was not the only one tilting on Saturday night, and b) my tilt looked mild by comparison *grin!
Yours truly;

Dear Perry, Evy, Robin, Carlos, and anybody else I missed;
Even though it was brief, I really enjoyed our conversations/dances/poker hands. I can only hope and pray they were coherent on my part, but I have a funny feeling they weren't ;-). Until next time;
Yours truly;

Dear Irish Jim;
You have no idea how much I regret not being able to connect with you while you were in Atlantic City. I always enjoy our conversations, and think that you are pretty damn fabulous to hang out with. Alas, too much fun the night before means waking up rather late in the day, and with the plans Donkette had made there was just not enough time to get to AC. I hope to see you in Vegas in December - first round is on me!
Cheers, babes!

Dear Hunny Bunny;
Thank you for so many things, not the least of which is taking me as I am and not trying to change me into something else. I am continually blown away by your understanding, your love and your humour. You know where I've been in life, what has shaped me into this, and are helping me get to where I want to be. I would do anything for you. But no, I don't know as I'm ever going to introduce you to CK *grin.
Your Kat

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  1. # Blogger Donkette

    It was a pleasure and honor to have you in my home for the weekend. Thanks for all the laughs on Friday and Saturday night. Looking forward to our next get together.  

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