Gin and tonic

First of all a thought on last night's PLO Skillz game:

While it is fun to bluff (i.e. showing Hammer Presto after getting someone to lay down a hand) PLO is really not a good game to bluff in.

I'll be slipping down a few notches on the leaderboard after last night's retarded push against JeciiMD's set of Queens.


In other poker news, since I decided to put the 'tude back in Katitude, I've not been sucking nearly so much. Have gone very deep in some low buy-in MTT's, deep enough to pay for some the madness that is the BBT3.

The exception was Saturday night, but hey, drunken blogger poker has never been +EV for anything but fun.


Heading off to Casino Rama soon, hoping to get in a few hours of profitable poker before meeting BamBam, Pebbles, NuttzCarson and SuziQ for drinks and silliness. No Mookie = slipping a bit further down in the standings, but I think it will be well worth it *grin.



Yesterday was like a step back in time. Hunny Bunny and I went to visit my favourite cousin, to hang out and lend some moral support. In the past few months he has lost his mother (my aunt Eleanor), had his workshed burn to the ground taking about 60k worth of tools with it, and the final blow was this weekend when his brother Michael passed away from cancer.

Alas, no one is really shedding a lot of tears for Michael. At heart, he was a nice guy, but he always came across as a bit arrogant and more than a little annoying; always playing the part of how fabulous and wonderful he is even as his life became even more fucked up. Made my skin crawl, truth be told. But he was family, so what can you do?

I adore Richard as much as I disliked Michael. Richard is the black sheep in a family of some very dark grey sheep - his antics make mine pale in comparison. I could go on for hours about the parties he had where he and I drank gin and tonics out of quart mason jars, the river raft races (thank god there are pictures, I don't remember a damn thing), or the times I've just showed up on their doorstep in deep trouble, and he and his wife have taken me in with no questions.

Everyone needs people like this in their life, and I'm making plans to go back out there to their house in the country soon even as I'm kicking myself for drifting away in the first place.


Speaking of plans, I'm off to Philly on Friday morning. I know there are plans afoot and was wondering what the plans are, but have decided to go with Riggstads' advice instead: just close my eyes and enjoy the ride.

Works for me.

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