What goes down must come up

This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.
Douglas Adams

It's 10-ish, and I really need to get a move on and get some things accomplished today. Laundry, alas, will not do itself. Enough experiments along those lines have failed, so that I now know this to be true.

But I am decidedly sluggish, and while I know there's a long To-Do list in my head, laundry is the only thing springing to mind. So I think I'll have more coffee and blather on about poker and see if anything else surfaces.


Yesterday's trip to Casino Rama was a success on a few levels.

It didn't start out so good. I made some very small gains in the first hour at the $1/$2 table, and then in the course of one orbit I went from about $215 to $21.

I lost about $50 on one hand when I slow played my set of 9's against The Old Guy, allowing him to catch his flush on the river. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Then I tilted a little bit, and spent $30 on the next hand until I realized that calling raises with JKd on a raggy black board is the height of idiocy.

But then came KK UTG. I bet out 10, knowing that all the chasers would bail. I had one raiser who brought it to 20, someone who had only been playing premium hands. Rockets? Flop comes rag, rag, King rainbow. Giddy over my set, I bet out 50, he insta-pushed all-in for his remaining hundred-ish chips. I insta-call. Yes he dos have aces, and yes, he does hit an ace on the river.

Funnily enough, that did not tilt me as much as it could have. I got up and went for a walk outside around the building to clear my head and came back to the table. I had more cash but I decided not to buy more chips until this was gone.
I put the 'tude back in Katitude, and a few well-timed all-ins and steals later I was back up to about 130.

After dinner with some of the Tuckfards, I came back to the table and proceeded to completely tilt this one poor guy. When we both had top pair, his kicker was a J, mine was a Q. When he had a pair of 8's, I had 9's. When he had two pair, I made the straight. He kept buying in short, and I kept stacking him. When I cashed out at 9:30 I had $270 in my hand.

I know for you high rollers a profit of $70 doesn't sound so shit hot, but frankly I'm pretty proud of the comeback.

At around 6 o'clock, I look up and see a face grinning at me: BamBam and Pebbles are here! I bounced out of the room and got my hello hugs, then when NuttzCarson and SuziQ showed up we went to the sports bar for a beer and a bite. Talk about making my day! Thanks guys for coming up even though we really didn't get much of a chance to chat, but with bloggers, even a small hit is better than nothing at all *grin.

6 Responses to “What goes down must come up”

  1. # Blogger Drizztdj

    Profit (no matter the size) >>>> losing  

  2. # Blogger BamBam

    I totally agree with that last statement. It may have been a quick visit, but it was a good'n. As always my dear, the pleasure was all mine.

    Still *grins, never *ducks.

    So until the next "thwap," thanks for a great night.  

  3. # Blogger BWoP

    Some of my proudest sessions have been when I've dug myself out of a hole.

    Way to hang in there girlie.

    See you soon.  

  4. # Blogger BrainMc

    Great comeback after the cooler. It's great to come back from such a low stack and still turn a profit.  

  5. # Blogger F-Train

    Try not to get pulled over by any cops while you're in PA this time. I may not be there to bail you out.  

  6. # Blogger Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa

    Nice score there little lady. Glad to see you grinded it out.  

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