Blogger Skillz Game - Razz

Razz, a thoroughly frustrating form of poker, is currently exacting its cruelest revenge in history; despite all reasonable efforts to assure its extinction, it refuses to die.
~ Michael Craig, the Full Tilt Poker Strategy Guide.
Kat - So just how long does a limit Razz game take?
Gracie - It's double stacks. A while
Kat - Fuck. That settles it. I need a good nights sleep!
Gracie - C'mon, register!
Kat - I feel my will crumbling...ok, why not. Have to go now and read the chapter on Razz in 6 minutes.
Gracie - Go! Read!
~ paraphrased IM with Gracie 6 minutes before start time

Good lord, I am tired today. Bone tired, stunned tired, sluggish in mind and body tired, every step a possible disaster tired, three hours of sleep while feeling crappy to start with tired.

And since it's parent-teacher interviews, I have to be at work until 8-ish tonight. So stupid not to go to bed and get restful and complete night's sleep before having to commune with parents for 5 hours. In my defense, I did NOT expect this to happen:

Yep, you got it .... I came in fourth of forty-seven in last night's edition of the Blogger Skillz Game. And yes, it took a while...over three and half hours for fourth. Of course that's aided by the fact that it took forever for fifth to bust out.

I'm still not 100% certain I like Razz, but I can see the attraction. Talk about a rush! But like with drugs, the lows are pretty brutal - I saw more people tilt than in any other game. And what's funny is that I, the Tilt-O-Whirl, didn't tilt once.

Funny, eh?

Many thanks to Surf, Joanada, Peaker and Gracie for the IM chat!

Now off to go see if a diet of smoothies, coffee and Midol can keep me 1) awake, 2) coherent, 3) pain free and 4) civil for the next ten and a half hours. Here's hoping you don't read about me in the papers tomorrow.

6 Responses to “Blogger Skillz Game - Razz”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Kat's gots some skillz!!!

    Great Job!!!

    Good luck tonight with the parents.  

  2. # Blogger Jules

    Oh it possible that Razz doesn't Tilt you precisely for the reasons it sends others leaping for prescription medication?

    Perhaps you resonate with the same sense of marvellously twisted yet powerfully addicting that lowball Stud does.

    Sounds logical to me :) But as I love you and I love Razz..I could be drawing inferences where there are none.

    ::very evil grin::  

  3. # Blogger pokertart


  4. # Blogger BamBam

    Great job Kat. I wish I was that tired! I'm only 2 3/4 hours to 9th. place tired. :o(

    I donked off after feeling myself burn from the rants. I was happy and content in my little imaginary world for some time there. Then it just got old fast.

    I am however considering a blog name change to "Fishie $12."

    U like?  

  5. # Blogger platkat

    Whoa, man! Way to go!

    I'm still scared of Razz. And all double-stacked tourneys for that matter...  

  6. # Anonymous Anonymous

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  

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