Some Eh-Vegas details


Well, the casinos in Niagara are out; the most they can do is a 10 person SnG. Anything more than that and we'd have to submit our info and get approval through the A.G.C.O. (Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario).

Oh, I don't think so.

I talked to the owner of the club, and he is being very accommodating. He wants no juice for the tourney, and just asks that we look after the dealers. Plus if we want to keep to ourselves and run a private cash game after, he'll reduce the rake for us. He said that Saturday nights are fairly busy, so there will be other cash tables as well.

The new location is nice and spacious, with seating, a bar area (we'll BYOB), and a separate room for smokers so you don't have to stand outside and freeze your ass off to get your hit.


Tentative plans look like this:

Friday - some options are
  1. head up to the northland for a Tuckfard game (it's about an hour out of the city so not sure if this is feasible - I sure don't want to be the DD)
  2. head to the Falls (see above)
  3. dinner and hang out for debauchery and degeneracy at bars, strip clubs, etc.
Have talked to Astin and he is game to cook dinner on Saturday for us all ("Hey, if it'll lock in Al, I'm in!). And he's not that far from the club so we can venture over after. I'm thinking a 7-ish start time for the tourney, and I'm open for suggestions on blind structures. I'd like something that will 1) make a good pot and 2) keep people playing. My initial thought is a $50 +$10 for dealers, with one rebuy and one add on.

throughts here are for recovery, brunch and a trip to Niagara for sightseeing and/or more gambling degeneracy


Confirmed are:
Unconfirmed but have expressed interest:
If you're interested in coming, let me know and I'll add you to the list!


Like any big city, the T-dot has a lot of hotels. Some are great, some are divey. Some are hideously expensive, while others are much more reasonable.

I've checked Expedia and it seems like there are a number of decent downtown hotels that are in the $80-$100 range. As of today I'm finding:
I know nothing about any of these except for the Comfort Hotel, which was good for the price. I'd recommend checking some reviews, and staying away from anything that has less than 2.5 stars or has the word Airport in it's name. drop me a comment or email if you'd like more info about a specific hotel. FYI, the club and Astin's place are close to the Spadina/Queen West area.

6 Responses to “Some Eh-Vegas details”

  1. # Blogger pokertart

    Sounds awesome Kat. I vote for option 3 for Friday. Unless we can arrange for some sort of bus to shuttle from Downtown to Niagara?  

  2. # Blogger BamBam

    "dinner and hang out for debauchery and degeneracy at bars, strip clubs, etc."

    Lose the "dinner" part and this sounds like fun!

    I'll get back to you on the other item as soon as I hear back.  

  3. # Blogger Astin

    Friday - another vote for sticking downtown. I'm all for always being stumbling distance from my place.

    How about something screwy like $60+10, $40 rebuy, $10 addon. Loads up the front-end pot a bit, makes a rebuy more attractive, and the add-on practically mandatory.  

  4. # Blogger Alan aka RecessRampage

    <--- few others expressing interest

    wait, maybe the arrow should be this way ----->  

  5. # Blogger Instant Tragedy

    You need to avoid the casinos because if you even try to get a licence it has to be...

    "conducted in the public interest, by people with integrity, and in a manner that is socially and financially responsible."

    Uh, that is everything that this group stands for, except the whole "public intrest" crap. Who cares about Donkeys?

    Well other than Waffles.

    I will be thinking about you guys and the manditory Astin cooked meal.


  6. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I vote for option 3.

    Dinner, debauchery and degeneracy... The 3 D's of a great day.  

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