A week you say?

Please forgive me blogger brethren, for I have sinned. It's been a week since my last confession... errr... post.

The holidays have stricken me with a major case of meh, broken only by poker it seems. Other than Hunny Bunny, everyone I wanted to spend the holidays with is far off. Ah well. Next year, I say no to the obligation of the in-laws, and we do what we want.

Poker gifts:
Hunny Bunny gave me some fun pokery gifts: a cute little donkey finger puppet and what he calls my "online poker necklace". He found an artisan who makes necklaces out of Scrabble tiles, and he presented one to me with the letters W, T and F in honour of the one thing I utter most while playing online poker. Both shall be with me for all future WPBT events.

Online Poker:
Part of my relaxation therapy over the holidays is permission to play poker "whenever the hell I damn well feel like it". I've cashed some, but the most fun was on Christmas Night after a looooong visit with the in-laws. I had fired up the laptop, and had gotten an IM from Chad. The game was the $3.30 x 180 knockout games, with $11 last longer bet. The rules: all in every hand until busted, the last person standing got the dough. Definitely not a game of skill, but a helluva lot of fun, especially for the table chat comments. I played three of these pushfests, and transferred to Zeem, MiamiDon and The Gnome before I called it a night.

Live Poker:
Hoping to get more live poker in before I go back on the 7th, but my jones was definitely satisfied by the night at the Tuckfards with PokerTart and Bankwell. I wasn't sure what to expect, but everyone was so warm and welcoming, I felt at home instantly. Dial-A-Shots were made, lots of laughter filled the room, and I while I didn't do all that well in the main game, I made some $ on the side game when I went HU with Bankwell. I made second, but frankly, my bed was calling me and I played like a utter goober for most of it (really no different than my usual style).

Guys, thanks again for hosting this and inviting us up to take part in the Tuckfard traditions :-)

The card-dead Bam Bam, trying to figure out what he did to anger the Poker Gods.

Mr. Bankwell, deciding.

Old Year/New Year:
I'll look back on the old year later, but in the meantime here's a Happy New Year wish to all my IIF's where ever they may be.


And HUGE shoutout to the Loud one and Graham, who got married yesterday:


9 Responses to “A week you say?”

  1. # Blogger RaisingCayne

    Love the post Kat! Sounds like a great time was had by all.

    Love the pics of BamBam and Banky too... nice to put a face with their blogs.

    Oh, and I LOVED the $1 rebuy donkament last Friday!!! Took 2nd behind Hoy and in front of LJ... and had some of the best time playing poker I've had in awhile! (Mostly thanks to AlCan'tHang's 25+ rebuys!)

    Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  

  2. # Blogger BamBam

    Nice body language on me !!!

    No wonder I put up the plea for help over at TuckFards !

    Lotsa' love Kat ! I'm sure my "Butt-Grab" pic can't be far uuuuhhhh ..behind.....
    (all pun intended)

    Nothing "BUTT" the best for you in 08 darlin'  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    That is the grumpiest look on Bam bam's face. For those of you that don't know him, that's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not him.

    Thanks for coming by Kat. I will make sure that we do that again. I know all the TuckFards that were there loved it.  

  4. # Blogger Irongirl01

    Happy New Year Kat!!!  

  5. # Blogger pokertart

    Happy New Year Kat!

    It was awesome to play poker with you and the Tucks...can't wait to see you at the tables again :D I'm especially interested in seeing you whip out the donkey finger puppet!  

  6. # Blogger Mr. Bankwell

    Actually I think the look on Bam-Bam's face is when we told him the chips values were different in the side game.

    I think he went on chip denomination tilt.  

  7. # Blogger The Wife

    Happy New Year to you, too, Kat. Thanks for all the invisible support of me, and DrChako. And when you have a chance, you can explain this Rabbit thing to me. Just don't tell the Dr. ;)

    The Wife  

  8. # Blogger BamBam

    Oooooooooo suuuuuuuuuuuure !

    Wanna know about "the Rabbit" but completely ignore the distressed look on Bam-Bam!

    Oh we have issues M !


  9. # Blogger jusdealem

    LOL, Kat, I love the "online necklace" hahaha..I need one of those! :)  

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