You know it's bad when.....

I've been struggling with dark feelings lately, and bitterness seems to have a found a home in a corner of my heart. The eviction process is underway, but there are days when I cry for no reason or, even worse, am overcome by a case of the whatevers so strong that I can barely summon the energy to get out of pajamas.

I know the whatevers are insidious, but had no idea how much so until today. Today while in a SnG, I got AA twice (held both times), KK (held again), 3 flush draws that turned/rivered into the winning hand, took out two players with flopped quad sixes, and easily came in first for a much needed bankroll boost. And all I could say is


15 Responses to “You know it's bad when.....”

  1. # Blogger BamBam

    "But then I thought about my friends up North and how much they all love me. Whatevers gone!"

    Say ... drink ... repeat as often as possible.


  2. # Blogger iamhoff

    ...and friends on teh west coast, too.


    Whatevs gone. BTW, sick run o' cards. Who doesn't love floppin' quads!  

  3. # Blogger The Wife

    I, too, have the "whatevers". Which has given the au pair the "whatevers". And turned my kids into whiners.

    I sympathize. May we all come out of them together.


  4. # Blogger Matt Silverthorn

    ...and friends on the east coast!

    I'm sure you'll come through just fine. Everyone goes through the whatevers at some point.

    PS - Please send me those hands in my next SNG.  

  5. # Blogger peacecorn  

  6. # Blogger Jules

    And for good measure, friends down under.

    A large martini is in order methinks....  

  7. # Anonymous Anonymous

    More Friends up North.

    I believe this used to be called "the winter blahs".  

  8. # Blogger Astin

    at least your friends in the same city as you hate you... wait... no... the opposite of that.

    whatever. I need a vacation.  

  9. # Blogger BWoP

    Hugs from the Big Apple too!!  

  10. # Blogger pokertart


    A martini, a sunny day, a laugh with friends....all 3 are in order.  

  11. # Blogger Martini Goddess

    How about a visit to the cottage...there are martinis we still need to perfect and you don't have to get out of PJs if you don't want to.

    Would love to see you...I could pop in to TO if you would rather... but let's get together.  

  12. # Blogger Stephen

    Add some hugs from England too!  

  13. # Blogger BamBam

    Hey Kat......

    I have a purrrrrrrrfect idea !

    I hearby tag U !

    Do not let me down.

    I only expect miracles from you.  

  14. # Blogger jusdealem

    *Hugs* Hope you feel better soon. I usually get the whatevers around this time of year too, I'm sure mine's coming any day now. :(  

  15. # Blogger lightning36

    Wow - lotsa love for the kat! Hang in there, kitty.  

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