in four weeks....

28 days from RIGHT NOW we'll be on our way to the Barfalo Airport. My stomach will be home to butterflies the size of elephants, my palms will be sweaty and my heartbeat will be erratic.

And not just because of my fear of flying.

I cannot wait for Vegas.

Those five words are so lame in their capacity to describe my level of anticipation.

There's the anticipation of meeting new people, people I've chatted with on the girlie chat and traded comments with. I'm finding it oddly funny that I will be meeting Pokertart, Mr. Bankwell, Bam Bam and Pebbles for the first time while in Vegas when they are all within an hour's drive of me. Well, I won't be meeting PokerTart for the first time.... as with Astin, I'd met her in the early days of my geekdom and lost track. A small world indeed.

And then there's the anticipation of introducing my IIFs to my beloved Hunny Bunny and of introducing him to them. Well not so much anticipation as low-level fear, really. I've heard from too many that they can't wait to meet the guy that puts up with me. One even said I must be brave to be bringing him. Brave, stupid, it's a fine line *grin.

Oh and to hang with the Okie-Vegas crew again! GCox and Mrs GCox, Gracie, Maudie, Sean, Jordan, Yestbay....if only Ski and Surf would come. Weenies.

I'm looking over the list that Falstaff has posted and my breathing quickens thinking of having a shot with Al, Iggy, Pauly and Derek. And my breathing quickens a LOT thinking of Falstaff in a kilt...two words...hubba and hubba. I do like men in kilts; something about how the kilt swirls as they walk.

But I digress.

Oh and let's not forget sweet, sweet Pablo! Or Irish Jim crossing the pond for the game (hear that BritBloggers? Get the lead out!). And I can't wait to see Waffles drunkenly wax poetic about something or other, likely about the lovely Carmen.

Goddammit, I can't look at the attendee list anymore. Twenty-eight days is too long to wait. The lion's share of the 73 people on the list are people that I wish I lived closer to, so I could see them more often.

Man, I cannot wait for the 6th. To walk to the Geisha Bar in the Imperial Palace and see all my friends there, drinking and laughing and talking. Truly, a degenerate's version of heaven.

3 Responses to “in four weeks....”

  1. # Blogger BamBam

    When things settle just a touch, you'll wish it was over an hour!


    Countin' sleeps.... You gotta' love that!  

  2. # Blogger Jules

    I too will be heading to an airport on the also fly west.

    Unfortunately, it won't be the short trip to Vegas avec you and all the other mad men and women.

    You'll just have to drink for me (Dial a Shot to the plane perhaps?)  

  3. # Blogger shamanalix

    Mr. Organizer won't admit it, but methinks he has an ulterior motive for HQing at the IP. Also holding its convention there during the blogamania invasion: AMERICAN COLLEGE OF ADDICTIONOLOGY & COMPULSIVE DISORDERS (Dec. 7-8, Imperial Palace). Hmmmmmm... Shamster is at Orleans 4 nights and has to put up with Miss Rodeo America conventioneers. Then on to Trop to concentrate on poker folk. Look forward to meeting you and yours; does the mr. have any games he likes, vices or potentially corruptible weaknesses? On to Friday Night Madness...  

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