I got tagged by Jusdealem. I honestly can't think of 7 people who haven't been tagged yet who would actually do this, so the buck stops here.

  1. I bit my nails constantly until I hit grade 10. Then I stopped. I have no idea why.
  2. I used to play on baseball team of the bar I worked at. For two summers I got stuck way out in the outfield after catching a pop fly in a stunningly awesome fashion. I caught it in the stunningly awesome fashion because it looked like it was going to hit my beer. I also played an entire game not knowing I had two broken toes. I broke the toes while running for the ball, realizing I was going to knock over my beer, jumping over said beer and landing badly. I didn't know the toes were broken until much later when a) I had to take my running shoes off later that night and b) I sobered up.
  3. I caught mono when I was in grade 9 and was off school for 5 weeks. I caught it by kissing this hot guy at a party.
  4. When I was 5, my dad decided to teach me to swim by throwing me in the pool. For 2 years after that I would only sit on the edge with my feet in the water, and would take them out and move back if anyone went too close behind me.
  5. I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would voluntarily eat oysters. I did try them once ... I really don't get it.
  6. I can't eat cold cereal in the morning; it makes me nauseous.
  7. The first album I ever bought with my own money was the Talking Heads' More Songs About Buildings and Food. The first cd I bought was Vivaldi's Four Seasons.

4 Responses to “”

  1. # Blogger SirFWALGMan

    I eat oysters to freak out other people. Is there any other reason why?  

  2. # Blogger BamBam

    I eat oysters because .... well... I like Oysters!

    Any cereal should make anyone nautious. Hot or cold!
    Eat an Oyster... Save a grain!

    This is not my beautiful car..
    This is not my beautiful house..

    How did I get here?

    run,run,run,run,run,run, run awaaaaayayyy  

  3. # Blogger CarmenSinCity

    The cold cereal thing is weird. Maybe your just pregnant. ha ha

    Um - oysters are gross - I agree!

    I love the broken toe story. Thank GOD that ball didn't spill your beer.  

  4. # Blogger jusdealem

    Thanks for playing!! No oysters for me either, ewwww.  

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