You'd all be so proud of me

Today while playing a $6+.50 turbo SnG, I caught AA on the button. It's late in the game (4 left, blinds at 150/300), I'm the chip leader by a bit. Everyone folds, I raise to 1500. SB fold, (BB who has about T500 less than me) re-raises and goes allin. I think for about a nano-second and call.

He flips over 32 off.

I'll pause to let that sink in......

Three. Two. Offsuit.

When I lost the pot to quad two's (!!), I didn't freak, I didn't call him a fucktard, I didn't call him a donkey, I did nothing that could be construed as tapping on the glass.

I very slowly typed " wow. that was an amazing push there." Enter.

"Your heart must be racing" Enter.

"You should obviously keep following your instincts - they're pretty awesome!" Enter.

I then tilted off the rest of my stack, waited patiently, then followed the poor sap to his next two $6 + .50 turbo SnG's where I took great pleasure in stacking him.

Both times.

Revenge is oh so sweet.


BTW, I just hit 500 blog posts. Do I get a prize or something?

5 Responses to “You'd all be so proud of me”

  1. # Blogger TenMile

    You'll receive an imaginary prize from an invisible internet person in the next non-existant ground post.
    We hope you will enjoy the carefully randomly selected prize.
    We also hope we can find it.  

  2. # Blogger lightning36

    Clap clap - congrats on 500!

    Good that you got revenge on someone so totally clueless.  

  3. # Blogger 4dbirds

    How did you follow him, with find a player? I would love to do that with some of those jerks.  

  4. # Blogger pokertart're a better woman than me. I'm not sure my laptop would have survived that.

    Congrats on 500 posts!  

  5. # Blogger HighOnPoker

    I'm definitely proud of you. That's the perfect way to handle a donkey. More bloggers and players should follow this example. And congrats on 500!  

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