To do list.

Well it's only a week into Hunny Bunny's 6-week cross-Canada tour, and I'm at odds with myself already. I'm bored, I'm lonely, and I'm driven to doing things I don't usually do just to fill the time.

For example, cleaning.


So today I thought I'd try one of those To Do list thingies that organized people are always going on about. Be detailed, they say. Be specific, they say. It'll change your whole outlook, they gush.

I'm skeptical. But here's my list for today anyway.
  1. hit the snooze button 3 times instead of 7 (failed)
  2. make coffee at home instead of spending far too much at Starbucks (failed, ran out of time, see #1)
  3. make lunch (failed, same reason as #2)
  4. iron new linen shirt that I've been dying to wear (failed, same reason as #2, wtf was I thinking buying a shirt that needed ironing every 17 minutes anyway?!?)
  5. make bed (failed)
  6. top up oil in bike before heading to school (oil light's been flickering on and off for a week now. I'm pretty sure that's not a good thing.)
  7. get attendance done on time for once
  8. write the grade 11 programming test (period 6) while the grade 9's are writing their Internet/www test (period 1 & 2)
  9. go to bank at lunch
  10. take back crappy ipod speakers that sound like tin cans
  11. grab all articles and photos for newsletter before leaving school (I do their layouts and web updates as a separate contract).
  12. Bring all marking home for the weekend. Actually DO IT rather than letting it languish on the dining table all weekend.
  13. go to Lettuce Knit. I don't need anything but there's something I want to make, and nothing in my stash will work quite the way I want it to. Plus I want to check out the new Habu yarn - stainless steel wire wrapped with silk. No idea what I'm going to make with it, but I want it.
  14. stop off at Beer Store on the way home and pick up supplies.
  15. stop off at grocery store and get food. And pick up snacks this time....carrot sticks are not suitable weekend nibbles.
  16. once home, crack open a beer, fire up laptop, and see who is on the girlie chat that I can bother.
  17. remember to have Full Tilt open at 9 for the Friday Night Bloggerment (password = donkarama). I think the first 4 hands will be all-ins tonight.
  18. have some fun, and forget that the apartment is all too quiet.
  19. Added: Go and congratulate Jules on the new addition to her family!

3 Responses to “To do list.”

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  2. # Blogger Tawny

    Hey...Call me :). We'll do something :).  

  3. # Blogger Butch Howard

    I missed the Bloggerment this week (insert frowny face). I was making Appletinis for the Wife and Sister while they dyed something or other (insert laughing face). We are not sure how that came out (they are not awake yet).

    Oh, and I got my bike!  

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