Meme-a-licious aka PokerWolf's fault

Flickr game:

The Rules:
a. Type your answer to each of the questions into Flickr Search.
b. Using only the first page, pick an image.
c. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fd's mosaic maker).

The Questions:
1. What is your first name? Kat
2. What is your favorite food? Chicken Fried Steak
3. What high school did you go to? Winona
4. What is your favorite color? Red
5. Who is your celebrity crush? John Cusak
6. Favorite drink? Martini
7. Dream vacation? a motorcycle and any open road
8. Favorite dessert? Chocolate
9. What do you want to be when you grow up? Happy
10. What do you love most in life? Challenge
11. One Word to describe you. Fiery (courtesy of Joanada)
12. Your flickr name. Katitude

1. Japanese Kit Kat, 2. Chicken-Fried Steak on Route 66, 3. Come back home..., 4. Bosque by Twilight Star Trails, 5. trying to take comfort in my favorite leading man in my favorite movie, 6. Bottoms Up, 7. On The Road, 8. there's nothing better than summer, 9. Happy Girls Under a Rainbow, 10. Skylight au Natural, 11. Fireworks Wednesday, 12. Double Nut-flush

More news from nowhere*

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Martini Goddess and I were not able to connect for the weekend as originally planned.


So I was left with no outs, and had to go to a family event. It's funny; even as I kind of dread family get togethers a bit, I'm always very glad I went in the end. We drink, we laugh,we catch up, we play with the kids, we're sarcastic and smart-assed, we call each other out. It's comfortable and there's no drama. (Imagine that, eh?)

Oh, and we eat. My country cousin does pig roasts as a sideline business, so it's no big surprise as to what we had for dinner. Here's my first helping:

Roast beef and horseradish, pork with sausage stuffing, apple sauce, fresh dug new potatoes, baked beans, potato salad, cole slaw and a deviled egg. Oh and a tasty libation to wash it all down with.

I'm still full.


What's going on with poker you ask? It's so much SSDD, that's it's not even worth mentioning.


And please stop asking if I'm going to the Winter Vegas gathering. Yes, I am planning on going, but there's a lot of water that still has to flow under the bridge. Check with me again in October. Or after I've fully recovered from the Bash.


School was done as of last Thursday, and while I'd love people to think I've been lazing about like a lady of leisure, I've actually been deep in client work, trying to get it done so I can then focus on actually being a lady of leisure during the trips I've got planned this summer.

It's a pretty full dance card:
  • June 30 - July 3: solo ride to Manitoulin Island to hang with my older brother's family, like last year
  • July 5-6: Up to Orillia and Casino Rama to buy Carson dinner as per the prop bet I lost last week.
  • July 9-13: OKIE BABY!
  • July 18 - August 18-ish: Annual Road Trip. This year we're heading to the Alaska Highway, and hopefully as far as the Arctic Circle. No, I haven't found my "I want to stand here" spot yet, but this and this and this and this are in the running. the route looks something like this:



BTW, the video has girls dancing around brass poles but the naughty bits are covered. You decide if it's NSFW or not.


Sometimes Keith gets a gig that is right up his alley. And one of the plusses is that when he gets these sweet gigs, he can sign me up as a walk-in.

This week he's mixing monitors at the main stage for the Toronto Jazz Festival. And last night night I got to see these guys:

They were smokin' hot, daddy-o!

Challenging myself

Yes, I am a PokerSlut

As if you didn't know that before.

Gadzooks twittered about the new round of games in the PokerSlut tour, and being bored and procrastinating from doing laundry, I joined.

Tnaks guys, it was a fun way to finish off a weekend!

Lions and tigers and lemurs, oh my!

Yesterday, I went north to join some like-minded degenerates for a charity game to raise some funds for the Bear Creek Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary.

I could not have come up with a better way to spend an afternoon. Seriously, how awesome is this: hanging out on a back deck, overlooking a big yard with a horse paddock beyond it; great conversation; the amazing hospitality of BamBam and Pebbles (you two rock!); some tasty beverages; a great dinner; and a poker game with a long blind/deep stack structure.

So deep it took me almost three whole hours to Gigli. Yeah. NutzCarson outlasted me, so I have to buy him dinner at Casino Rama when we meet up there in a few weeks.

And yes, it tilted me. I hate going out first. But frankly, what happened after dinner made it all better.

As we were finishing a great nosh of roast beef sandwiches with fried onions and a pasta salad, BamBam tells us to hurry, there's a surprise waiting for us over at the Sanctuary. We all mosey down the road a few houses, and turn into a driveway to see a woman bringing out three little white animals.

Mary, who runs the place (which is no longer open to the public), let us play with three week old White Bengal Tiger cubs. I cannot even begin to explain just how fucking cool that was.

After we wore the cubs out, Mary took us for a brief tour of part of her back yard where we saw some of the animals in her care; monkeys, tigers, a 28-lb raccoon, wolves, and emus. I was looking at a bit of fencing through a gap in the trees but was distracted by something Mary said. When I looked at back, I saw this:

Some of the stories Mary told were a bit heartbreaking; animals and children should be protected more than they are.

I was totally fascinated and entranced. There's a feeling that you cannot describe when an adult tiger slowly paces only a few feet from you, stops, meets your glance and gives you a long look. Just because we don't understand animal intelligence, doesn't mean there isn't any.

Mary takes on some volunteers, so I think I'm going to try and head up there over my holidays. She also accepts adoptions and donations by PayPal, so even if you couldn't make it up to play the poker game, you can still help out.

Oh and here's one for Riggstad.....

Ouch :-(

The ever fabulous Tripjax has a post up that sends shivers through me. And not in a good way. One moment of inattention from one person, and a lot of lives are affected.

My thoughts are with him and his family; drop on by and send some good vibes through the blogosphere.

And to all of you that drive cars, please by all that you hold holy and dear, put down the cell phone, the crackberry, the mascara, the cd, the hamburger, and please pay attention to your driving.

Pretty please.

The new crack

Full Tilt.
Sit & Go.
$3.50 + .30.
9 players.
300 starting chips.
Super turbo.

Good grief. I can't stop.

I need help.

Behaviours you wouldn't want to see in your kids...

Poor sportsmanship well beyond the range of tilt.
Name calling.
Threats of physical violence.
Hiding behind anonymity to be an asshole to your friends and community.

Hardly honourable traits, are they?

One plus about all the blogger shenanigans over the last few weeks is that an interesting conversation has begun to play out in my head about honour, right, wrong, good, bad, and where I land in thought and deed.

In a truly honest moment of self awareness, I know that at one time or another in my adult life I have done each of the above, all behaviours that have both saddened and infuriated me over the last few weeks when exhibited by other bloggers.

I have been living in one of these:

about to throw a whole bunch of these:

I am in no way condoning this behaviour in myself or in others; as adults we're supposed to be role models. Instead, through laziness and selfishness I/we have become something that I/we should not be proud of.

I'm not going to point fingers or tell people what to do, I'm sure there's justifications and reasons for how people behave. I/we can all be quite creative in coming up with rationalizations for bad behaviours, big and small. All I can do is look at myself, realize how shallow those reasons and justifications are, and do a some internal house cleaning.

And mildly suggest that others might do the same.

Oh, and fuck you all very much for making the start to my vacation an exercise in soul searching, when it should have been far better spent in martini swilling.


Ten weeks, four days

That's right. 74 days until I have to hear the sound of teenage girl voices in a classroom setting again.

By then I might just miss them.

I get it now.Or at least I get that I'm not going to really get it.

I read three things today that made me wrinkle my forehead and say "what the fuck?"

They're blogger things, but it doesn't matter what exactly they are precisely. The point is I was perplexed. Puzzled. Bemused. Bewildered.

Then a friend sent me this:

Say no more. I'll just file it all in the same drawer that has the Three Stooges in it and move on.

Math Cash

It was a light field in the MATH last night, with only 15 players. I guess that accounts for the fact that I managed to ITM in third place.

I found myself the short stack, with both Hoy and H0P having around double my chips. I figured if I concentrated I might be able to chip up and take second. Then I looked at the time, looked at the difference between second and third ($36), looked at my schedule for Tuesday (day before end of school = brutal), looked at the stacks again, and then down at JA. Thought what the hell and played the Asian Jew as badly as one could.

Sorry CK *grin.

I turned off the laptop and all the lights and sat back to watch the thunderstorm that swept through. I don't mind thunderstorms; they used to bother me a bit, but once you ride on two wheels through a big prairie lightning storm complete with hail, experiencing it from the comfort of your living room doesn't seem quite so intimidating.

Last night I invited it in. I opened up a few of the windows and let the wind swirl around the room. The crack of thunder, so close, made me flinch every time even though I knew it was coming, and drowned out the loud rush of the wind in the trees in valley below. Eventually common sense and sleepiness won out, and I closed the windows and blinds and put in earplugs.

I'm not sure if it was the storm winds, the proximity of the end of the school year or a weeks worth of good night's sleep, but I woke up feeling that some of the dreck I've been carrying around since Christmas has dissipated.

About bloody time.

Almost there


I have all the software reinstalled now on the laptop. I even have some of my marking done for tomorrow.

Not all, of course. That would mean I was completely prepared instead of totally procrastinating; the world is not ready for that kind of a shift yet. So I will likely be killing time this week in the usual ways.

During the day I:
  • click bloglines every 6.2 minutes to check for any new blog posts or WSOP updates from Pauly, Change100, Otis, Shamus, F-train, Falstaff, Pokernews, the Pokerati crew, etc.
  • re-read Truckin' stories and think that I should get off my ass and get the 4-5 stories out of my head and onto virtual paper. Hey, a new issue is out - go and look!
  • check Twitter to find out what the other peeps are up to. I'll be honest, I'm still not totally sold on Twitter, but that's a post for another time.
  • IM a number of people who are listed on Yahoo and so are clearly asking to be interrupted while at work
  • click the Stumble button a few dozen times for my daily dose of near-random.
At night I:
  • play online poker.
Now that the BBT is truly over it'll be interesting to see who still plays what. Tonight is Hoy's MATH which I may play. On the one hand I love 6-handed; on the other I can't say as I'm enamoured of the change away from cash prizes to a $216 tournament buyin.

Tuesday is still the Skillz game, which is knockout Limit Stud Hi/Lo this week. Umm... no. There's also the online poker blogger tournament on Bodog that $mokkee hosts, but alas, being from the Great White North means my money is no good there. Rats.

Wednesday is the Mookie as usual, a game which has been near and dear to my heart ever since it was two tables filled with Mookies locals. However Wednesday is also the schools end of year / graduation ceremony, and plans are afoot to go out with colleagues for a few (or more) wobbly pops in celebration of lasting another year. In other words, I won't be playing that one as I'll be getting drunk in some pub or another.

Thursday is the Riverchasers game, Friday is the rebuy madness now known as the Donkament (much to Maudie's horror), Saturday is Dr. Pauly's game on Pokerstars, and Sunday is the Britbloggerment.

Which brings us back to Monday, when the whole thing begins again.

Thank you bloggers, for giving me work-avoidance outs every single day!

Hotter than the fires of a thousand suns

That is what my skin feels like. I am so sunburned, that I'm surprised to look in the mirror and see bright pink rather than a lovely shade of charcoal. Aloe vera and Hawaiian Tropic ICE are my bestest pals right now.

But I would do it all over again. It's a small price to pay for an extra day with my Sis-In-Law, two nieces and sort-of-nephew before they head back to Calgary.

Playing with them in the pool and hearing the giggles of three- and five-year-old girls was the best thing that could have happened on a hot Sunday afternoon. Throw in cold beer, burgers, and good conversation and it was double plus good. I didn't even care that the aunt I've disowned was there and throwing me dirty looks.

We were supposed to go to a friends birthday barbeque after, but I was too tired and too sunburnt (sorry Tawny, really). Plus was too soggy; someone had forgotten her bathing suit and went swimming in jeans.

Do you have any idea how long it takes jeans to air dry while still being worn? Longer than you think.


Anyway, we got home just before six. I half wondered if I'd been blinded out of the BBT3 freeroll yet and while I was tempted to log in and see, I could not bring myself to click on the Full Tilt icon. I did get some updates from NuttzCarson and Pushmonkey, and was amused to get this from Instant Tragedy later:
[20:59] instanttragedy: I hate your computerized self
[20:59] instanttragedy: It sucked out on me THREE times as I tried to take you out during the freeroll.
[20:59] instanttragedy It then OUTLASTED me
[20:59] instanttragedy: :-)
[21:00] instanttragedy: Even gone you still find a way of coming out on top
So it appears I finished 35 of 122. Funny how I do better when I don't actually play a hand. Sigh.

Well now the BBT3 is well and truly over. Congrats to those who got seats, those who won cash and those who won jerseys. And a HUGE gracias to the one and only AlCantHang for not only masterminding this, but for crunching the numbers every damn week.

I'd have to say (now that I'm rested and have a week's worth of distance under my belt) that I'm pretty happy with my BBT3 performance overall. Yeah, I'm still an online donk and likely always will be, and yeah, I played games that I normally would run from, but an end result of 35th out of 422 total players is nothing to sneeze at.

Yes that's right - 35th. Overall. Out of 422. Most of the time I was between 15th and 25th place on the leaderboard, and up until the last week was pretty confident that I could obtain one of those snazzy FT custom jerseys that I would never wear anywhere coz I would feel like a total poser goof.

But no jersey for me. However I did identify some new holes in my game and gained some awareness of how sleep deprivation affects the middle aged female, so it wasn't a total loss.


As well as the BBT finishing up this week and games returning to normal, there was a decidedly abnormal disturbance in part of the blogosphere last week. I'm disappointed and saddened by the whole thing. The shame of it is, that this person has effectively cut themselves off from a pretty fucking wonderful group of encouraging and supportive people, IMHO.


I got my laptop back today. It's got a shiny new hard drive ($70), and all my data has been fully restored (WAY more than $70).

And while I'm happy that I have my mobile link to the Intertubes back, I can't help but dwell on these facts:
  1. for what was spent on this, I could have bought a newer / faster/ smaller / lighter laptop
  2. I only need the data off of it for another week, two weeks max.

Fuck x about a billion

Blue Screen of Death.

Safe Mode fail.

Diagnostic tests reveal 17 hard drive error messages.

About 4 weeks of data lost. Assignments, marking, attendance, client work.

Yippee skippee.

Couldn't wait TWO BLOODY WEEKS could it?


Folks, take an hour away from your busy day of surfing for porn, WSOP news and Twitter updates and back up your data. Trust me when I say you'll be glad you did.


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