Ten weeks, four days

That's right. 74 days until I have to hear the sound of teenage girl voices in a classroom setting again.

By then I might just miss them.

6 Responses to “Ten weeks, four days”

  1. # Blogger OhCaptain


  2. # Blogger Instant Tragedy


    Don't kidd yourself!

    28 days to OKIE VEGASSSS!  

  3. # Blogger Astin

    You mean... you've set them FREE?? NOOOOO!!!!!

    That's it, I'm leaving for Vegas for the weekend. I can't handle gaggles (or is it murders? herds? flocks?) of teenage girls giggling through my streets.

    Thanks a whole freakin' lot.

    Enjoy your summer vacation!  

  4. # Blogger Weak Player


  5. # Blogger Special K


    Congrats on surviving another year.

    I'm heading out to Iraq tomorrow on a work related trip. I'm going to do my best to relate the interesting parts of the trip which may even include poker in a war zone. I hope you can follow along and maybe even pimp a good post if you find one you like.

    I hope we can catch up in Oki-vegas or maybe L-Vegas in December. Enjoy your time off.

    Special K  

  6. # Blogger muhctim

    OMG, teenagers in a classroom setting, now there is a scary thought. No way I would have ever wanted to be a teacher. I was always afraid there might really be such a thing as kharma, justice, god, or even the twilight zone. . .at which point I would have found myself at the mercy of a group of teenage students who all strangely looked and acted just like me at that age.  

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