Hotter than the fires of a thousand suns

That is what my skin feels like. I am so sunburned, that I'm surprised to look in the mirror and see bright pink rather than a lovely shade of charcoal. Aloe vera and Hawaiian Tropic ICE are my bestest pals right now.

But I would do it all over again. It's a small price to pay for an extra day with my Sis-In-Law, two nieces and sort-of-nephew before they head back to Calgary.

Playing with them in the pool and hearing the giggles of three- and five-year-old girls was the best thing that could have happened on a hot Sunday afternoon. Throw in cold beer, burgers, and good conversation and it was double plus good. I didn't even care that the aunt I've disowned was there and throwing me dirty looks.

We were supposed to go to a friends birthday barbeque after, but I was too tired and too sunburnt (sorry Tawny, really). Plus was too soggy; someone had forgotten her bathing suit and went swimming in jeans.

Do you have any idea how long it takes jeans to air dry while still being worn? Longer than you think.


Anyway, we got home just before six. I half wondered if I'd been blinded out of the BBT3 freeroll yet and while I was tempted to log in and see, I could not bring myself to click on the Full Tilt icon. I did get some updates from NuttzCarson and Pushmonkey, and was amused to get this from Instant Tragedy later:
[20:59] instanttragedy: I hate your computerized self
[20:59] instanttragedy: It sucked out on me THREE times as I tried to take you out during the freeroll.
[20:59] instanttragedy It then OUTLASTED me
[20:59] instanttragedy: :-)
[21:00] instanttragedy: Even gone you still find a way of coming out on top
So it appears I finished 35 of 122. Funny how I do better when I don't actually play a hand. Sigh.

Well now the BBT3 is well and truly over. Congrats to those who got seats, those who won cash and those who won jerseys. And a HUGE gracias to the one and only AlCantHang for not only masterminding this, but for crunching the numbers every damn week.

I'd have to say (now that I'm rested and have a week's worth of distance under my belt) that I'm pretty happy with my BBT3 performance overall. Yeah, I'm still an online donk and likely always will be, and yeah, I played games that I normally would run from, but an end result of 35th out of 422 total players is nothing to sneeze at.

Yes that's right - 35th. Overall. Out of 422. Most of the time I was between 15th and 25th place on the leaderboard, and up until the last week was pretty confident that I could obtain one of those snazzy FT custom jerseys that I would never wear anywhere coz I would feel like a total poser goof.

But no jersey for me. However I did identify some new holes in my game and gained some awareness of how sleep deprivation affects the middle aged female, so it wasn't a total loss.


As well as the BBT finishing up this week and games returning to normal, there was a decidedly abnormal disturbance in part of the blogosphere last week. I'm disappointed and saddened by the whole thing. The shame of it is, that this person has effectively cut themselves off from a pretty fucking wonderful group of encouraging and supportive people, IMHO.


I got my laptop back today. It's got a shiny new hard drive ($70), and all my data has been fully restored (WAY more than $70).

And while I'm happy that I have my mobile link to the Intertubes back, I can't help but dwell on these facts:
  1. for what was spent on this, I could have bought a newer / faster/ smaller / lighter laptop
  2. I only need the data off of it for another week, two weeks max.

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  1. # Blogger MHG

    Hah! I finished 45th without playing a hand, not too shabby!  

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