Ouch :-(

The ever fabulous Tripjax has a post up that sends shivers through me. And not in a good way. One moment of inattention from one person, and a lot of lives are affected.

My thoughts are with him and his family; drop on by and send some good vibes through the blogosphere.

And to all of you that drive cars, please by all that you hold holy and dear, put down the cell phone, the crackberry, the mascara, the cd, the hamburger, and please pay attention to your driving.

Pretty please.

1 Responses to “Ouch :-(”

  1. # Blogger TripJax

    I can't thank you - and everyone who has commented - enough for keeping us in your thoughts.

    My wife was amazed at the response from our little part of the intertubes. Dramas and flames aside, when the going gets tough, people in our group show their true colors. This post is a great example; color me thankful.  

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