Yes! Finally! Some poker!

The plan on Saturday was to ride up to Rama, goof off a bit, then ride over to the Carson residence for some Tuckfard goodness.

The weather cooperated, and the ride up was 2 hours of back road perfection. Granted, there's not a lot of swervily roads in this part of the world, but I found a few. It was an ideal temperature, warm enough for the Joe Rocket perforated leather jacket I love so much, and cool enough to keep me sharp and alert.

I was seated at a $1/$2 table within 20 minutes of getting there, and within the first hour had almost triple my buyin in front of me.

The first hand was the absolute best. As much I want to layout the hand for you as it was played or even make a clever story about it, I just can't. I really need to bring a notebook with me, as my memory is proving less than satisfactory.

All I really remember is I had pocket 8's, and the flop was K, 8, T rainbow. There were three other players who hung on right to the end, betting/calling through the the turn of a 5, and another 5 on the river. The other players had KA off, K3 s00ted and KT would lose, and I made a profit of $275 with my loverly boat.

It was an awesome first hour... my pocket aces held up, a flopped straight didn't crash and burn, and pocket twos on the BB paid me off big time - Dems Quads Bitches!

I played for about 4 hours, with no more really good pots, some minor losses, some minor wins. The table was good, and one guy who sat down was very amusing. You know the kind; sits down with a Poker Stars hat and a Full Tilt shirt and proceeds to tell us about how great he is as he donks off a buyin on his third hand. Total tool.

I'll admit, it was the confidence booster I needed vis a vis my poker game. But just in case I got too cocky, the seagulls left me a little present to remind me that there's a little shit in every day:

Yep. Dead fucking center. Couldn't help but laugh, as I went back inside for paper towels.

Unfortunately, I had to bail on joining the Tuckfards; not enough liquids and no lunch = nagging headache, the kind that won't go away without major drugs and will turn into a migraine if not looked after. Sorry guys...I will definitely be there next time!

2 Responses to “Yes! Finally! Some poker!”

  1. # Blogger pokertart

    Nice score!  

  2. # Blogger BamBam

    You really didn't miss too much hun. Think live "Donakament" style poker, without the re-buys!

    "Hey! He raised 4x my BB! I have A-9 off-suit. I call."

    Carson and Peb's had a hell of a game of WAR though!

    I was sad to get the call, but happy to hear you made out so well.


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