A week from today

A week from right now, I'll be sitting at this desk in the computer lab, feeling like a high strung racehorse at the gate; fidgety and eager to be off.

A week and two hours from right now, I'll be bolting out the door and beginning an 8-hour drive so I can spend the Victoria Day Weekend hanging out with IFF's who are no longer so invisible.

This weekend is like a beacon. I know I'm indulging in escapism, and that the things preying on my mind will still be there upon my return, but fuck it. That's what vacations are for.


And speaking of IFF's it looks like a planned trip to a casino is morphing into a spontaneous last minute plan to hook up with the northern Tuckfards for a game. AND it's supposed to be a nice day, which means getting there on the bike will be a huge bonus.

Pokertart, Bankwell...what are you guys up to tomorrow?


Glass half full experiment, day 5.

I'm a bit disconcerted at how hard it is to for me to come up with 5 positive things a day versus the usual 500 negative things a day. This is already a whack on the side of the head for me and has given me much to ponder about my outlook on life. Thank you Annie..... I think *grin.

Today I am thankful for where I live. I love Toronto; it's been Home with a capital H since I moved here 25 years ago. I am thankful for
  1. Kensington Market
  2. the islands
  3. innovative architecture like the ROM's Crystal and the OCAD addition, that make you thing and bring new textures to the visual city.
  4. a downtown that stays vibrant even after the commuters go home
  5. Discovery Walks and trails
  6. the Distillery District and Perigee resturant
  7. being by the lake
  8. Merchants of Green Coffee
  9. Evergreen and the summer market
  10. the multiculturalism that mostly works
  11. Lee's Palace
  12. Joe the bartender, his martinis, and the view at the Rooftop Bar of the Park Hyatt
  13. the chip trucks at City Hall
  14. Eh-Vegas and poker degenerates

3 Responses to “A week from today”

  1. # Blogger Mr. Bankwell

    We'd love to make the trip with you Kat but tomorrow is the day the flooring goes down in the baby's room. (Well that is the plan anyways.) Otherwise I would be throwing stacks of reds away with second nut flush draws and top pair.


  2. # Blogger Astin

    Yah, the ROM and OCAD certainly make me think... that the dolts who hire architects in this town need their eyes and brains examined, or just outright removed. Such ugly additions. The crystal isn't even anything CLOSE to what it was supposed to be, and ruins a great building. OCAD is a Kleenex box on tinkertoys. At least they get people talking.

    I'll agree with everything else on your list though :).

    Riverdale farmer's market opens next week! Not sure when Brickworks is back...  

  3. # Blogger Evy

    Yo Kat....thought u were coming down this weekend....which is why i couldn't go to AC with u guys....but i was planning on going to AC on sat 5/18 for the super satellite into the 5/19 main event qualifer...are you going to be here for that???

    email me curiousmarissa@hotmail.com and let me know!  

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