Live blogging

It's been a while since I've live blogged a game, so what the heck.

I've got dwal78, lightning36, surflexus, rmbj494, jjok, oossuuu754 and recess rampage. This is gonna be fun *grin.

First playable hand is KK. I get one preflop caller, but lightning folds to my pot bet on the raggy flop. phew.

And presto is gold. Who knew?

stealing here and there = chipping up oh so slowly. Oh hey, for once JJ is OK.

have 99 here and in the face of dwal's rasies, I'm pretty sure it's not good. Fold. But I get KK right after and get it back.

my laptop crashes . yay. come back just in time to be moved to a new table.

ok. I'm pretty sure that 77 is no good with a flop that has AK. Merde!

Out. A9 < AT.

No BBT points, but for the first time in a week or so, online blogger poker was fun. And that made it all better.

1 Responses to “Live blogging”

  1. # Blogger Wwonka

    Its supposed to be fun. If I want to be Miserable I can play with the Unwashed Masses.  

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