Most days I love being a grownup.

From drinking expensive martinis at the Park Hyatt to indulging in spa days; from having expensive hobbies to not giving a crap anymore what people think- it kicks ass. (I've been told that a grownup sans kids isn't really a grownup. However, middle age trumps that argument, so fuck you.)

Yep, no more curfews, being unsure of myself, having to go deal with angst and pressure, wondering what the fuck I'm going to do with my life (the answer to that, for those who are curious, is S.F.A.). You could not PAY me enough to go back and do the teens and twenties over - I'd like to have the body and the resilience of those days, but not if the rest of the shit comes with it.

Yes, most days I love being a grownup.

This is not one of those days.

The one hitch about being a grownup is the fact that reality sometimes crashes itself right in the middle of your fun.

In this case the reality is a few financial setbacks and the fun is the WPBT in Vegas.

God, I want to go. So, SO fucking much. I have a need for BIG FUN (caps intended) periodically, and bloggers supply it in spades. I know I'm going miss something cool, and whenever I think about it I feel a bit nauseated.

And frankly, the thought of all those asses going ungrabbed pains me.

But alas, the adult / sensible part of my brain has kicked in and looked at the Funds minus Expenses equation for the next few months and has shelved Vegas.

I really have to say I'm immature enough to have stomped around a bit, whined, and have generally been in a bit of a pissy mood. And yes, there was a *small* amount of cursing.

Sensible sucks. No wonder I avoid it so much.



Okie-Vegas is a definite. Even if I have to crawl on bloody stumps.

WPBT in December is a definite. Even if I have to crawl on frozen stumps.

I'm also looking to do a solo rise in August and the one idea that keeps rising to the top is a trip to see IG then down to Foxwoods. I'm thinking there are a ton of degenerates close enough to join me.

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  1. # Blogger Raveen

    we can have a not going to vegas party together..over yahoo im...=( since i can't go in all probability because of school.  

  2. # Blogger Schaubs

    I can't make it either Kat. I plan on December adventure and I think you should too. Money is always the FUN spoiler.

    P.S. - I hung out with Astin last night. We had a great time, dinner, beers... except the Canucks lost so it didn't end on the high that we were expecting. He stuck around to gamble and I went home to sulk.  

  3. # Blogger 23skidoo

    No way you're backing out of Okie Vegas too!!!

    I have frequent flier miles...I WILL find you!  

  4. # Blogger Irongirl01

    I have a brilliant idea. How bought we meet at Turning Stone. Can do Dinosaur Barbecue in Syracuse (run by bikers) then head to Casa IG for some sun at the pool and ponies at Saratoga (providing this is late July thru Labor Day) then onto Foxwoods where we meetup with some Beantown and Big Apple Blagghers.. Do it after WSOP and Pauly may be able to make an appearance.

    You know if things change you can share my hotel room at the Orleans.  

  5. # Blogger HighOnPoker

    Oh, I'm most definitely down for Foxwoods and/or Dinosaur BBQ. I've heard of the place, but never been and I love me some prehistoric ribs. If Foxwoods looks like a serious possibility, definitely send me an email, so I can make plans and join.  

  6. # Blogger CarmenSinCity

    That sucks. We'll miss you.  

  7. # Blogger StB

    You stink  

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