Welcome to Donkaholics Anonymous

Players: 24
Players who left before rebuy period was over: 2
Total rebuys: 98
Add-ons: 22
Total pot: 144
Places paid: 3

I ended up out in 19th when my pair of aces with a T kicker failed to hold up against yerabawbag's HAMMER!

Notable quotes:

Alf Eleven (Observer): lol donkathon
TripJax: i'm a donkaholic
Julius_Goat: yes, I love to drink donkahol
katitude (Observer): welcome to Donkaholics Anonymous
Julius_Goat: Hello, my name is Goat, and I'm a donkaholic
Alf Eleven (Observer): umm my name is Miami Trout and I'm a donkaholic
TripJax: my name is alcohol and i'm a tripaholic
After yestbay and I split the pot for both having K2 and the board is 64K66:
APOSEC72: chop the boat, don't chop the boat baby
TripJax: close your eyes and go allin
oossuuu754: i love this thing
oossuuu754: best 20 buck hour of therapy there is
katitude: wy did I KNOW you were going to do that
yerabawbag: intuition?
katitude: no, taht doesn't kick in until the 3rd martini
katitude: only on #2
yerabawbag: lol
NewinNov: donk o meter setting 2>3

After Waffles leaves, 25 min into the game, still in the rebuy period (he rebought 7x)
TripJax: my wawfuls vision is blurry
Acornman: the way of the wawful
Acornman: doesnt call himself a madman for nothing

It was much fun; hope to break 100 rebuys next week!


And for those that celebrated 420 - here's something nice and trippy for ya!

5 Responses to “Welcome to Donkaholics Anonymous”

  1. # Blogger Francase

    It was a lot of fun.....I'll have to try to come out for it again if I don't go busto on FTP.

    -APOSEC72 aka Francase  

  2. # Blogger yestbay

    I had a fun time, until my KK got rivered by a third T so Acornman could bust me in 10th place. Just missed the final table! But I enjoyed it and hope to play in another Donkaholic game soon. Thanks for hosting!  

  3. # Blogger Goat

    Good times . . . good times. How did I go this long without knowing about a $1 rebuy with bloggers.

    We'll break 100 rebuys easy next time, so long as Waffles stays the whole first hour.  

  4. # Blogger Irongirl01

    Managed to uphold Team E honor.. 3rd place after a brutal suckout when i was just about even for the lead..Cie le Vie Viva la fTP... A few more hummers for team ftp and Ill be winning FTOPS (hee hee)

    Mucho fun once again. Katwoman!!  

  5. # Blogger pokerpeaker

    I hope to play soon again. Who won?  

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