humpday mishmash

First of all, here's a big ole public congratulations to the Martini Goddess for landing a new and challenging job!!!

Yay, babes!! Hope to venture that way soon; I'll bring the samosas if you mix the 'tinis *grin.


And while I'm thinking of drinks and drinking, here's something that had me laughing so hard coffee just about came out my nose. God, I love Tiki Bar TV....wish there were more episodes!

Yes, I played Bunnies, while in high school. It was definitely more of a giggle than Caps. Especially if you played Strip Bunnies *grin.


The regular Friday night meeting of Donkaholics Anonymous has been arranged:

Friday Night Blogger Donkament
Full Tilt, 9 EST
$1 + 1 Rebuy
password: donkament

It's Hunny Bunny's birthday, so I doubt I'll be there. Unless he's working, in which case I *will* be there.


In other pimping news, don't forget this:


Plans for Vegas in June may have to be shelved. Fuck.

Dropped my glasses and broke the rims, so I have to get them replaced. I've been stalling on getting my eyes tested, even though I know I've needed to for about 2 years.

The equation is looking something like this:

eye exam
+ new frames (and they must be sexy; I am too vain for icky-ness)
+ new lenses ( dear god, not, not......bifocals!!!! noooooooooooooo!)
- what my insurance will cover
= the amount that comes out of my fragile disposable income account


And once more, with feeling: FUCK.


Just busted out of the Mookie in 54th of 73. How? I dunno - my beloved chose that moment to rant to me about his POS laptop. I tried to split my attention between both him and the game with poor results; he's more PO'd coz I wasn't really being attentive, and I'm PO'd coz I was distracted in a good hand.

Don't know why I'm so pissed off - it's not like I'm running all that well on the poker front anyway and I'd just end up going out in some blaze of donkery or another.


Work is hell right now, as it always is. Every single teacher has suddenly looked at the calendar and said "Oh, shit!"; everyone is scrambling to get through their curriculum by the end of the term and in time for exams starting June 5th.

The kids are stressed and whining about the workload; the teachers are stressed and whining about the workload; the principals are just trying to stay out of everyone's way.

We were talking and joking in the teacher's workroom today, and one of the new teachers made an off-the-cuff and facetious remark about keeping a bottle in our desks. We laughed, but when she left the room, four of us looked at each other and went "hmmm.....".

I'm relieving some stress by shopping; I found out that I have more money left in my budget (I thought I had $x, turns out I had $x times 3) and am spending it before I lose it. Of course, once all the new equipment comes in, it'll ramp up the stress as I will take time away from marking and other things I should be doing in order to play around with the new technology.


I'm playing a bit less poker, mainly because it does not really help me deal with the stress level, as evidenced by the number of times I've used the work "fuck" in all it's known variants (and some new ones) while both playing and writing about poker.

But I am getting lots of knitting done. Sweater From Hell is about 3 hours away from being as done as I'm willing to make it. I'm going to pay someone to put the zipper in because I'm afraid I'll a) fuck it all up after all that work, b) take a knife to it in a fit of rage, or c) both.

And speaking of knitting, I'm going to order me some of this: silk-wrapped stainless steel yarn. Yes, I realize that no one else but a knitter will think that it's cool.


I have ridden the new bike every day that I possibly could, and loving it more each time. I trust it more than I did my last one. I'm leaning deeper into the curves, and can only grin at that flutter in my stomach that means I've successfully ridden that thin line between up and down, and stayed on the up side.

Down is bad. Very bad.

There are some biker saying that echoes in my head periodically: There are two kinds of riders: those that have gone down, and those that will go down.

I'd like to delay down as long as possible. Hopefully indefinitely.

The other saying I like is: no matter the weather, always wear leather. Like I need an excuse to wear leather.


A friend sent me this as an e-card. I do like the sentiment. A lot.

And here are some other pics that might amuse:

for Waffles:

For Al:

Press Button. Receive Bacon. Enjoy Bacon.

3 Responses to “humpday mishmash”

  1. # Blogger platkat

    Good seeing you in the mookie tourney. I'm still playing with 5 people left. So... very... tired...  

  2. # Blogger Pokerwolf

    A bottle?

    Why use a bottle when you can use a flask? It's portable and it fits easily in a purse!  

  3. # Blogger meanhappyguy

    We played the Bunnies game tonight for the first time ever--fun game! thanks for the video!  

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