managing expectations

I feel like I should maybe apologize for the last post, but I'm not going to.

I do appreciate the comments...they've definitely helped clarify why I felt so blah after cashing in a blogger game.

I cashed. In a blogger game. And still whined.

This is me giving my head a shake. Seriously, WTF?

See, I wasn't able to adapt to the game, and my expectations stayed the same even after it was evident that my expectations weren't the same as the majority of the table. The rest of the final table's expectations were to kick some ass and take it down. I signed up for tourney for entertainment purposes. No, I don't expect you guys to chat and entertain me, but most blogger games have a certain element of silliness that I was looking forward to. I wasn't having fun on the final table, but like in the WWdN, I got my stubborn on and hung in out of sheer perversity.

And holy crap....I came in THIRD!

I'm the silly one. No one can help me get out of this low-level funk of combined boredom/loneliness/unhappiness but me - it's a bit much to expect from online poker after all *grin.


I have had a fairly successful day today...I've placed ITM in 4 out of 5 SnG's today and made a longer sleeved version of this in a sinfully soft silk/angora blend while watching Rome (totally hooked now dammit!). Tomorrow I head to the Martini Goddess' place for some fun, samosas, silly conversation and, you guessed it, martinis.

And alas, back to work on Monday. And it's a good thing I made no real goals for my two weeks off, because I wouldn't have accomplished a damn thing. Poor, poor Sweater From may never get finished.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

I won't be pokering this weekend (I may however be drunk dial-a-shotting while under the influence of delicious martinis), but for those whoa re, here's some games you should be playin':

Tournament: Riverchasers Special Event #2
Where: Full Tilt
When: Sunday, March 25th 2pm ET
Game: H.O.R.S.E. Deepstack
Buyin: $24+2 or token
password: riverHorse

Tournament: Inaugural UK Blogger/reader Tournament
Where: PokerStars
When: Sunday, March 25th, 8pm GMT
Game: NLHE
Buyin: $5.50
Password: donkament

Tournament: WPBT Event #3
Where: Full Tilt
When: Sunday, March 25th 9pm ET
Game: Razz
Buyin: $24+2 or token
password: Bloggers only

2 Responses to “managing expectations”

  1. # Blogger lightning36

    Actually, what you are talking about seems to have been mentioned on a few other blogs, me thinks; sort of a collective longing for the "good ole days" of blogging. There definitely is an interesting dissertation waiting to be written on the social milieu of poker bloggers.

    Did I want to take the tournament down? You're damn right I did. I enjoy the blogger events because the level of play is good and the level of sportsmanship is high. Competitive poker without the meanness and childishness found in other tournaments --- ahhhhh.

    btw - I really enjoy reading your blog. However, based on how you pwned me the early part of the tourney, seeing you at someone else's table next time would be fine ...

    light : o )  

  2. # Blogger BurnleyMik

    Hi Kat, this is a little late, as I have only just seen it, but LittleAcornman has asked me to post the following:

    Hello from Amstedam!
    Thanks for the comments.
    Kat any pimpage would be great and everyone is

    Hope to catch ken and jestocost at the next one....!

    Righty I'm off to light spark another....


    Nice blog BTW!


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