And the number shall be.... six

The poker goddess decreed that Kat's special number for yesterday at Fallsview was six.

Ace, six (5 times, 3 times sooted).

King, six.

Pocket sixes.

Lots and lots of sixes. But only twice were there any winners: K6 with 2 pair and a flopped floosh with A6 diamonds.

- - - - - - - - - - -

I love the Fallsview. It's a nice casino, and a great viewing point for the Horseshoe Falls is right out the back door. The fact that it was going to be a nice day (sunny and 45F) decided me in favour of heading there vs going to Rama. And the bus service to the Fallsview is way better than Rama: $12 for an express return ticket and you get a $10 cash voucher vs. Rama's $5 milk run.

So I hopped on the bus, fired up the iPod and watched Full Tilt's video podcasts all the way. Yeah, yeah, ok, not all the way...I did watch some cartoons courtesy of Vintage Tooncast and some bizarre little shorts from Atom Films (watch Rabbit, it's very .... quirky). Yes, I am enamored with my iPod video.

Went and got a tasty coffee from Starbucks and walked by the Falls for a bit in the sunshine. There's one place I like to stand and watch the water; it's about four or five feet from where the river slips over the edge to fall and dissolve into foam and mist. It's a good place to clear one's head...the roar in your ears and the slight rumble under your feet is unchanging and relentless. It's even better if there's only three or four other people there instead of the thousand or so tourists crowding for the perfect shot.

The only problem with standing right at that spot is that you get a tad damp. I only lasted 10 minutes until I started getting wet and cold, and thought "screw this, time for pokah".

The poker room was quiet, only two tables going. I was seated at the $1/$2, $100 max. table right away, and waited a few hands for the BB. About half the table were tourists, two of whom confessed easily and often how they'd never played before. Trust me, they hadn't - they played hideously with the occasional lucky hit.

There were 4 players at the table that I kept my eye on; 3 were quiet, older gentlemen who didn't enter many hands, and if they bet post-flop ir meant they had a good one and you better run unless you had the nuts. The fourth was a young guy, maybe late 20's. Funny, cute, and had about 3 grand in front of him. I couldn't help myself, and asked him how long he'd been there - seventeen hours straight. Every time he went to leave, the river goddess smiled at him. Yeah, I'd be staying too.

I only really tangled with him once, and proved that yes, AA > KQo. Mostly I just stuck to playing the good cards and/or playing the tourists, which proved a good strategy as I left $425 richer after 6 hours. Wheeeee!

Definitely an I Love Poker kind of day *grin.

- - - - - - - - - - -

OK guys, here's a tip. When you've screwed up, there's something even better to say than "I'm sorry."

"I made a mistake. I'll fix it."

Hunny Bunny said that me to me as I dropped him off at the airport. He'd announced this morning that he'd gotten the dates wrong, and had to work on my birthday (it's not a big deal on its own, but it IS a big deal if it's the fourth year in a row and I'd said previously I wanted him to be home this time please). I get quiet when I get really angry and he was the unfortunate recipient of the silent treatment all morning.

"I made a mistake. I'll fix it."

And by the time he'd landed in Calgary, he had.

3 Responses to “And the number shall be.... six”

  1. # Blogger Michael Albert

    How weird. I know exactly the spot you mean at the Falls. Impressive that you could stand there for 10 minutes in March, especially with the lure of the casino behind you.

    Must be that global warming stuff ...  

  2. # Blogger SirFWALGMan

    What is the deeper meaning of that movie? Do not kill rabbits? Do not be bitchy greedy kids? lol. I liked it anyways.  

  3. # Blogger Astin

    Hmm... my last response didn't post. Perhaps it was too surly.

    There is no such thing as a tasty coffee from Starsucks. The vile swill these sock-water mongers push isn't fit to flush. I expected a better coffee palate from one who drinks coffee from Merchants of Green... I'm so very disappointed in you Kat. *hangs head*

    Secondly, that only works because he fucked up. My universal tip to guys -- if she's complaining about something SOMEBODY ELSE did, don't try and fix it. Just listen and agree that whoever it happens to be is a complete asshole. If you screwed up though, you best make amends and fix it fast.  

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