This has the potential.....

.... to destroy even more workplace productivity than an Iggy uber!

DP at WiredPairs posted a link to We Feel Fine, " an exploration of human emotion on a global scale."

I have just whiled away the last 70 minutes exploring the site. The applet is stunningly beautiful, and it's an interesting concept.

Two things immediately hit me while wading through the lovely floating dots and reading out of context snippets of blogs:
  1. Teen angst is teen angst no matter where you are. But really, you should be over it by your 40's, don't you think?
  2. People can't spell for shit. I mean, I know I typo, but jesus people! (Ok teacher-rant endeth now).
It really is's heartening to see that in the last few hours of scavenging through blogs, the program has found that more people feel good or better than sad, fucked, stupid, bad, guilty, lonely, shitty, tense and hurt combined.

I guess it's a life is good day for most people on the intertubes. If I can shake this sinus infection before leaving for Las Vegas, I'll join them.

2 Responses to “This has the potential.....”

  1. # Blogger littleacornman

    All that positivity and on a Monday? Surely not!

    I think I'll leave my next post until tomorrow....  

  2. # Blogger slb159

    You can find a lot of good home remedies for sinus infections via the intertubes.

    i.e. Take one fresh roadkill (preferrably raccoon or squirrel), place in a fittingly-sized, brown paper bag. Douse liberally with your favorite hot sauce and bury six inches deep, six inches to the right of any "Reilly" gravestone in the nearest cemetary at midnight of the next full moon.

    Worked for me, plus it got Iggy resurrected. What a bonus!

    Oh, and you'll also be spared from any such additional sinus infections for the next 5 years if your head is shaved in a mohawk-type fashion during said burial event.  

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