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This is a bare bones post coz this is already about 3 hours later than I really wanted to stay up (yeah, call me a weenie if you like, it was a 13 hour day at school and I'm tired, dammit).

I got home from work about 8-ish logged in, and was immediately beseiged by Joanne and Gary, imploring and beseeching me to grace them with my company, and join them in the PokerStars Moneymaker thingie. And being the sociable creature I am, I did.

(ok, it might not have happened *quite* like that, but it's still entirely their doing)

I spent my 10 FPP, settled in the girlie chat and proceeded to giggle it up. I've entered these before and have been donked out in short order, and was expecting more of the same, to maybe last a half hour to an hour, goof off with G and J, and then hit the sack.

I mean why wouldn't I expect that? It's not really poker so much in these things as Bingo, or Keno as G says. I got a chance to drop the hammer. All in, and won it with a two on the flop (thanks to Joanne for supplying the screenshot).

But a funny thing happened in the second hour...I got cards. And I started to want it. And we all know what happens then. It's not a bubble, but close enough as makes no nevermind, as me mum would say.

Now I don't begrudge the time - it was a pretty damn fine chat we had going on. And good lord, I made eighty-second out of over seventy-six hundred entrants.

But I feel a little....unfulfilled. Squirmy, you might say. Like a virgin bride on her wedding night, I'm left wondering shouldn't there be more to this? FOUR HOURS and NO climax, NO prize at the end. Just a fizzle, then nothing left but an empty Drambuie bottle (nasty stuff, I really need to make a beer run!) and a slightly wired feeling which means I won't get the good night sleep I was hoping for.

But the chat was definitely worth it. Joanne, Gary, thank you *huge, grin!

7 Responses to “Poker Stars Moneymaker thingie”

  1. # Blogger blogger

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  2. # Blogger Astin

    Hello, I would like to making comment at your poker blog.

    Hey! 82/7600 is pretty darned kickass! And it's far, far worse than you describe. I imagine it's like that virgin bride getting THIS -> <- close to fireworks and her new husband falls asleep on top of her, practically smothering her for the rest of the night as she lies there pinned down and realizing this is the rest of her life. I hate going deep in big fields and not getting any sort of happy ending.

    Sorry for adding a comment for this, but I not sure on how make comment otherwise.

    BTW - what happened to the CAPTCHA? I can just post with my login info now?  

  3. # Blogger iliask


    I was just wondering if the tournaments you listed on the right hand column are available to anyone with those passwords or do you try to keep it amongst friends. Just curious and didn't want to intrude if you were just doing it amongst people you know.

    Thanks in advance  

  4. # Blogger katitude

    Hi Iliask - the more the merrier, the fatter the pot the more people win $!  

  5. # Blogger Joanne

    It was, indeed. Waaay too much fun for a Monday night!  

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  7. # Blogger iliask

    Thanks Katitude. will try to make them :)  

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