And now for something completely the same, just done in a different way.

I'm doing today's post a bit differently, because it strikes me as entertaining, and mostly because I'm procrastinating and don't wish to mark Flash animation assignments.

It's a pictorial rendition of my weekend. All (except one) images were shamelessly lifted from, who I expect will contact me any day now and tell me to stop being so loosey-goosey with copyrighted materials. What directed me to her site? Finding the following image of a blogosaurus (the thing on his head picks up wifi!)

Just another day at school, where students busily work on their latest scientific research:

Frankly it was a long day. The last class I spent surfing the internet and looking at cartoons and blogs until finally:

And then get the fuck home. Hunny Bunny was working late, so I stopped off on the way home and picked up a kebab from the Afgani place across the street. Once in the door I did my usual: set up the laptop, slip into something more comfortable (black tights and a tshirt that proclaims "Touch Me, I'm Interactive), and log in to Yahoo and Full Tilt to see who's on.

The usual girlie chat ensued - quite a group was on (Joanada, Gracie, Bloody P, Weak, Sox, Jordan, Garth, forgive me there were more but I've now lost it), and we got not one but two blogger .10/.25 tables happening. Even though I lost money (well not that much, 10 bucks over a night, big deal, right?), it was a very good night.

There were Dial-A-Shots:

where people learned I was a bit like this....

There was a discussion with Weak and Sox about Chinese food, the end result being that Weak thinks I need to have a t-shirt with this on it for Vegas:

Meanwhile on the tables there was much silliness. Bloody P was in a hand with Gracie, where she discovered that he was playing 23 offsuit. While this hand is known as a Can of Corn (?), it will forever after be called the Urinalysis if Gracie has anything to say about it *grin.

I was supposed to finish some marking on Saturday. I was supposed to work on some graphics on Saturday. I was supposed to pack my niece's birthday present and take it to the post office. I was supposed to go grocery shopping. I was supposed to do laundry. But I felt crappy and crampy and bloated and icky so I pretty much stayed on the couch and played poker and knitted.

Later on that night there was more poker, and more chat silliness, but not nearly as much beer. Due to my incredible lack of foresight, I had forgotten that I was supposed to go out and get more alcohol. Sigh.

There were also more blogger cash games going on, and I'm sure the poor non-bloggers (or muggles as Sox called 'em) at the tables must have wondered what the hell was going on. It was crazy, with some wild pots for a .10/.25 game. I had a lot of chats and tables open, and a phone call going on so it was a bit blurry, but I dimly remember taking a very large pot off Sox. Taking down a big pot, even in a suckout is good (see red arrow) but taking down a big pot from a blogger is even better (see green arrow). I finished the night up by about 50.

Sunday was the day that Hunny Bunny and I had planned to just hang out. We both got to bed late, and woke up late with the full day of nothing planned ahead of us. After this usual conversation:

we decided to go for brunch and then go for a walk in High Park. Not a lot to tell exercise, saw buffalo and caribou (there's a little zoo), was threatened by a freaking HUGE swan at the waters edge on Grenadier Pond that apparently was pissed off that we were 1) that close to it and 2) had no food to give to it, and talked about everything and nothing.

The evening was spent doing nothing, until Surflexus reminded me of the WBPT HORSE tourney on Full Tilt. I had me a few tokens I've accumulated over the last few days so I decided to give it a whirl.

Let me state for the record that that was the SECOND time I've played HORSE. I fully realize I know just enough about omaha, razz and stud to be frighteningly silly. And yes, thank you, I know I suck at anything limit. But it was fun, even though I made some seriously dumb moves and ended 14th of 28.

So that's my weekend. Here's one more comic that made me snicker:

And I promise never to do this again. Maybe.

8 Responses to “And now for something completely the same, just done in a different way.”

  1. # Blogger Joanne

    I am still killing myself laughing over The Other White Meat...that was seriously too funny. Maybe that is what your next tattoo should say ;)  

  2. # Blogger CarmenSinCity


    I love it!!  

  3. # Blogger TripJax

    "Ping. Time to shut the fuck up."


    I love it.  

  4. # Blogger The Poker Enthusiast

    You have way to much time. Good stuff  

  5. # Blogger Drizztdj

    Sesame Chicken and cream cheese wontons > *  

  6. # Blogger Irongirl01

    I loved it good job.. Ditto to the crampy, bloaty and blah feeling but at least the bitchiness is gone. Thanks for your comment. When I get like that nobody loves me and i hate everyone. Nice to see Im not alone  

  7. # Blogger pokerpeaker

    One of the most creative posts I've ever read.

    Allow me to edit (that's what us journalists do):

    "Pokerpeaker was also there Friday. I swooned over his dry wit and intelligent banter."  

  8. # Blogger surflexus

    hey!!! i made the comics...well...sorta :)  

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